Scientific research needed on floods in Bukoba Municipality

EXPERTS have appealed on the government to conduct scientific research following frequent floods that hit Bukoba Municipal Council from time to time causing damages to properties and the infrastructure.

Dr Egidius  Kamanyi, a  Researcher and  Sociology Lecturer  at the University of  Dar es Salaam (UDSM), explained that conducting a scientific research  would enable  the government and other partners to find a lasting solution to the problem.

“Kagera Region including Bukoba Municipal Council normally experiences long rains between February to March. However, due to climate change, the recent floods hit Bukoba MC on June 24, causing havoc. Conducting   scientific research would enable the government and other partners to find a lasting solution on the problem,” he said.

Mr Richard Gasper, a Ward councilor for Miembeni said several   people were made homeless following the flooding, adding: “We are waiting for relief supplies from the central government. The floods have not only submerged the houses, but they have also damaged infrastructure, including roads and bridges,” he said.

Kagera Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Mr Toba Nguvila, on the other hand,   has directed the Bukoba District Disaster Management Committee to assess the magnitude and impact of the floods that hit Bukoba Municipal Council recently.

Equally, he directed councils from Muleba, Bukoba, Ngara, Biharamulo, Kyerwa, Karagwe and Missenyi districts to ensure that drainage systems are well preserved to allow water to flow smoothly.

However, he warned people to avoid throwing garbage in drainage infrastructure, ordering residents and relevant authorities to clear banks of the Kanoni River to allow water to flow smoothly. He also urged people living in flood prone areas to shift to safer areas for their own safety.

Some of the flood-prone areas in Bukoba Municipality include Omukigusha and Kashabo streets in Hamugembe Ward, Matopeni, Kashai and Katatolwansi (Kashai Ward), Nyamkazi and some parts of Bunena in Miembeni Ward.

In February, 2021 at least 300 households in Bukoba Municipality were made homeless after their houses were submerged by flash floods.

Meanwhile,  Assistant Director of Disaster  Research in the Prime Minister’s Office, Department of Disaster Management, Mr Charles Msangi explained that the  country has made great strides in dealing with disasters  due to improved  operational systems  through enacting the Disaster Management Act, No  6 of 2022 and its regulations  as well as strengthening  early warning systems , strengthening infrastructure, equipment and guidelines   for disaster response and recovery.

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