Scholars call for enactment of strict laws to check moral decay

SCHOLARS have stressed the need for the government to enact strict laws that will help reduce moral decay in the society.

The Principal of Vignan Institute of Science and Technology Prof Daniel Mtango stated this during the dialogue on prevention of moral decay in the society in Dar es Salaam over the weekend.

The dialogue was organised by the Vignan Institute of Science and Technology aimed at getting recommendations that will help the government in making sure moral decay in the society is mitigated.

“Moral decay has become a daily debate in our society therefore, it is important to come up with strict laws which will be implemented in making sure moral decay is checked.

He said that the current generation is facing moral issues because of globalisation adding that many youths are interested in western culture in such a way that they can no longer differentiate what is good and bad.

Prof Mtango said education is an essential ingredient that must be provided to the society to show the effects of moral decay and show the significance of education as one of the prevention strategies that should be adhered to.

He noted that there is a need to create bylaws at the local government level that will strictly encourage youths to shun from engaging in activities that destroy their reputations and become a challenge to society.

Prof Mtango said houses of worship should speak about moral issues in their teaching, so as to shape the behaviour of youths.

“There is a need for houses of worship to engage themselves in the provision of education to youths, so as they can shape behaviour and tell them the negative consequences of moral decay,” Prof Mtango said.

Speaking at the occasion, Head of Department of Social Work, Ms Elizabeth Shagi said there were many reasons for moral decay.

She said there is a need to know what should be adopted from the west and what should not be adopted.

“Example industrialisation and improving some of human rights were among the good things that we adopted back in days… youths should also learn on what to adopt, not everything is working for our good,” Ms Shagi said.

She said private institutes have a role to play in making sure they help youths understand that moral decay results in loss of the country’s identity as well as respect to the society.

Rashid Yusuph, a student from Vignan Institute of Science and Technology commented that parents have a role to play in making sure they raise their children in a manner of respecting themselves as well as the society.

He added that the government should help in funding youths so that they can employ themselves as well as giving more chances by employing them.

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