SBL reiterates support agric sector

SERENGETI Breweries Limited (SBL) has committed to continue supporting and boosting agriculture in the country by offering scholarships to underprivileged students taking agriculture-related courses.

SBL Corporate Relations Director Mr John Wanyancha said during the handover of the certificate of scholarship handover to students from Igabiro Training Institute of Agriculture (ITIA) in Kagera recently that the initiative through SBL’s Kilimo Viwanda Scholarship programme provides an opportunity for students from farming communities to up-skill and go back to impact agriculture in the communities with their technical knowledge.

“Supporting the education of underprivileged students who are taking agriculture-related courses has a ripple effect across different aspects of economic development.

“These students will get a chance to learn technical skills that will put them ready for the agriculture-related employment opportunities thereby increasing their potential and that of the communities they come from,” he said at the event where students from Igabiro Training Institute of Agriculture (ITIA) in Kagera received scholarships from SBL as part of the Kilimo Viwanda programme agenda.

“…Since the inception of the Kilimo Viwanda Scholarship programme, SBL has issued over 200 scholarships to underprivileged students and will aim to sponsor even more students in the future.”

Kilimo Viwanda Scholarship Programme was launched in 2019 by SBL to support bright but underprivileged students from farming communities to study agriculture courses.

SBL issues certificate scholarships every financial year.

Students are selected for various agriculture courses in reputable colleges in Tanzania.

The scholarship covers full tuition fees and all other academic-related expenses throughout their studies.

The Igabiro Training Institute of Agriculture, Deputy College Principal Mr Sydney Kasele praised SBL for its commitment to supporting agriculture and particularly for sponsoring students to keen on agricultural development.

“This Kilimo Viwanda programme has a component that includes students visiting SBL factories and some thriving farms where they can be able to relate theory with practical experience,” he said.

The Igabiro college in Bukoba is one of the many institutions benefiting from the programme; other regions like Coast, Iringa, and Kilimanjaro have their colleges, which include Kaole, St Maria Goretti, and Kilacha, which have received scholarship beneficiaries in the past.

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