Sauti za Busara light up Zanzibar with a bang of performances

ZANZIBAR: THOUSANDS of people gathered at the Old Fort in Unguja to witness the opening of the 21st Sauti za Busara festival.

The festival celebrates the cultural heritage of Africa through music and features several musical performances set on two stages at Old Fort and one at Forodhani. The festival was captivated by its opening with Zanzibar residents and guests attending the daytime parade from Kisonge to Old Fort.

In the course, residents and guests walked along the Indian Ocean chanting and screaming with the rhythm of the drums in jubilations. Beautiful as they walked along the road covering miles on white sandy beaches, palm trees, and clear azure waters, it was a moment of joy to witness.

In explanation, they matched and sang songs to celebrate the initiation of the foundation to bring music fans from all over the world together to Zanzibar to enjoy the beauty and aura of dancing African music. In the evening, everyone at the Old Fort was filled with smiles and laughter, given the faces of the fans as well as those of the artists who enjoyed the reception they received.

The atmosphere and energy at the festival were ecstatic and vibrant. The crowd was filled with joy and excitement as they celebrated the cultural heritage of Africa through captivating musical performances.

The scent of spices from the nearby markets mixed with the sound of harmonious voices and the rhythmic beats of music, created a truly immersive and exhilarating experience.

The musical performances that captivated the crowd at the Sauti za Busara festival included a diverse range of African artists, such as Tanzanian musician Sholo Mwamba and Siti and the Band, Uganda singer Seun Kuti and Kenyan band Anuang’a and Maasai Vocals.

The artists showcased their musical talents on various instruments, such as guitar, saxophone, and drums and delivered energetic and captivating performances that got the crowd dancing, chanting and cheering with excitement.

According to the festival director, Journey Ramadhani, the Sauti za Busara festival has a significant impact on the local economy and tourism in Zanzibar.

“By attracting thousands of attendees worldwide, the festival boosts tourism revenue as visitors stay in hotels, eat in restaurants and spend money at local vendors. “It also promotes Zanzibar historical and cultural richness, attracting more visitors to explore the island and its offerings, further contributing to the economy.”

Speaking to the press, artist Made Kuti expressed his excitement to be in Zanzibar and he looks forward to offering his best performance on Sunday. He noted it is great being in Zanzibar.

“It is my first time and I am already falling in love with this beautiful Island. I am looking forward to entertaining the crowd and feeling the crowd vibe.”

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