Sauti za Busara buzzling in a corner

ZANZIBAR:THERE will be a buzz around Stone Town, Unguja with more than 25 African music groups performing at the Sound of Wisdom music festival in less than a month, the ‘Sauti za Busara’.

Sholo Mwamba, Mádé Kuti and Zoë Modiga with their bands will light up the two well-decorated stages located on Spice Island as the 25 groups take over the stage.

The Festival Director, Journey Ramadhan, confirmed that preparations for the festival are underway. Pointing out that music lovers need to grab their tickets early as they have provided a ticket price cut until the end of this month.

According to the festival website, the offer was open to music customers from November 1st 2023 and will run till January 31st.

It cited VIP Grand Stand costs US 189 dollars, Regular (International) US 139 dollars, and African passports US 68 dollars. For East African residents, US 68 dollars and for Tanzanian citizens 25,000/-.

The payment is to cover all three days of the event on February 9th, 10th and 11th. After the offer deadline all-festival passes for Tanzanians will cost only 45,000/- (three days), or 15,000/- for single day tickets.

During the event visitors from different parts of Tanzania, Africa and abroad flood to listen to the African heritage displayed through music, costumes and dance on the island.

According to the festival director, the music groups performing at the festival will come not only from Tanzania but also from other African countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Senegal and Reunion Island.

He added that the arrival of guests both artists and spectators on the island always opens up economic benefits to the locals to do business with the thousands of guests who arrive on the beautiful island.

“It’s generally beautiful as the African heritage showcased through these art forms not only entertains but also educates and immerses visitors in the rich cultural traditions of African music.

“The energy and passion of the performers will truly make Sauti za Busara a memorable and transformative experience for everyone involved.

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