SAUT builds youth centre to encourage  innovations

THE Saint Augustine University (SAUT) has started building a creativity centre for promoting innovations among youths in the Lake Region.

The centre would be facilitating innovations in various fields including agriculture, science and fisheries.

It is expected that the decision will help in creating jobs, enabling youths to earn their living, including contributing to the country’s economic growth.

SAUT lecturer Mgogo Mangienyi told the ‘Daily News’ that such innovations will also help to solve cross-cutting challenges in society, including dealing with the effects of climate change.

“We have a research directorate to support those innovations. We also involve community members in gathering ideas and processing them so that they bring the desired results,” he said.

“We have put in place the best way to register those ideas, to protect the architect and ensure that they benefit the owners of the ideas,” he said.

A university student, Ignatus Mushi, said the presence of the centre will provide an opportunity to fellow students to showcase their talents.

The centre will be presenting an opportunity for innovative projects to be scrutinised under a competition arrangement to encourage youths to come up with solutions to social challenges.

He said he has already noted that when a person grows up with creativity, it guarantees their income, as in the end, it enables youths to come up with rare products in the market.

Mr Mushi called on other stakeholders to support efforts so that young people can focus on innovation, ultimately overcoming the challenge of unemployment.

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