SAMIA TRIP TO QATAR: Investment ripples beckon

EXPERTS have hailed President Samia Suluhu Hassan for her endless efforts in attracting foreign investors from various parts of the world, saying the initiatives are crucial towards attaining sustainable development.

Their comments come following the recent trip by President Samia to Qatar, where she attended the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) and held talks with various leaders in Qatar.

She also witnessed the signing of a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Chambers of Commerce of Qatar, Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar aiming at strengthening trade and investment relations.

The signed MoUs were meant to enhance trade and investment cooperation and partnership between business communities from Tanzania and Qatar, particularly in the areas of tourism and hospitality, infrastructure and energy.

Speaking to the ‘Sunday News’ yesterday, pundits observed the initiatives as key steps in boosting economic growth of the country upon effective implementation of the MoUs.

Prof Watengere Kitojo from Centre for Foreign Relations (CFR) said that as the country’s Number One Diplomat, the President’s trip abroad is bound to benefit the nation through economic diplomacy.

He said the recent trip is beneficial since she had an opportunity to engage with Qatar leaders on various issues of national interest.

“But there is need for the government to ensure effective implementation of issues under the signed MoUs.”

“The diplomatic economic war starts at home. Those who have prepared their economies benefit compared to unprepared countries,” insisted Prof Wetengere.

For his part, a senior lecturer at the University of Dodoma, Dr Paul Loisulie said President Samia’s visit to the Gulf country will also enable Tanzania to enjoy multiple opportunities in trade, investment trade and social services.

He said given the agreements that were signed, members of the private sector from Tanzania will be in a position to learn and make better use of the opportunities to be created under the new pacts.

“Through her trip to Qatar, Tanzania will not only cement its bilateral ties but boost the economic gains from investment, business and partnerships in social service,” he said.

Tanzania has a close business relationship with Qatar, with trade exchange between the two countries estimated to have increased significantly in the last five years.

Statistics shows that in 2020, Tanzania exported goods worth 8.9 million US dollars (20.7bn/-) to Qatar, whereas the products exported include fish fillets and sawn wood.

During her tour to Doha, the president also held talks with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and the Minister for Finance Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari.

Their talk also covered areas of investment, business, gas, livestock keeping, tourism and agriculture.

She also met with the Qatar Minister for Health, Dr Hanan Mohamed bin Kuwari, where they agreed on exchange programmes in the health sector. The two sides agreed to share expertise on emergency and trauma care.


The programme will see Tanzania health professions in specialised and emergency services getting experience from their counterparts in Qatar.

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