Samia touts good deeds

  • Urges clerics to intensify campaign against drug abuse

PRESIDENT Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan has underscored the need to embrace holiness and righteousness in order to build a peaceful, unified and prosperous nation.

Dr Samia issued the message while extending her Mawlid al-Nabi best wishes to all Tanzanians, saying this day of remembrance of birth of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) should mend everyone’s relation with God, especially desire of doing good deeds.

Through her X handle (formerly twitter), the Head of State called for good deeds to all citizens in achieving society and national prosperity, adding that in cherishing the birthday of Prophet Mohammad, the occasion should evoke everyone’s desire of doing good deeds.

“Happy Mawlid al- Nabi to all, this day of remembrance of birth of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), should bring our reflection and efforts to endless desire of rebirth and in strengthening our relations with God, our relations with fellow human beings, our responsibilities to others, our country and responsibilities to God,” wrote the President.

She said such collective efforts of true submission to God will bring about development to the country, enhance security and integrity, peace as well as unity and solidarity.

At the Mawlid Baraza held at the national level in the country’s capital, Dodoma, President Samia who was represented by Prime Minister, Kassam Majaliwa asked religious leaders to intensify campaign against drug abuse amongst youth, so as to avert mental health problems which are escalating in the country.

Delivering the President’s message, Majaliwa said the use of narcotics within the young generation was on the rise and that clerics had a role to play in heightening a massive campaign against drug peddling to help the country retain its workforce.

“Drug abuse affects thinking capacity, therefore, as religious leaders we need during our teachings to remind young persons of the vice, just as it was stated by the Acting Chief Sheikh, Sheikh Ally Khamis Ngeruko during his earlier remarks,” the Premier said.

Speaking earlier, Sheikh Ngeruko said that the country was facing yet another disaster of mental health, just like other diseases that hit the country including Covid-19 pandemic.

He, therefore, said that the Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA) in collaboration with the newly launched institution, The Boost and the Dodoma- based National Mental Health Hospital had decided to join hands to look at how to reduce the problem.

“Currently, we are facing a wave of unprecedented divorces whereas some marriages are just lasting for one month, and, our investigations found out that the major cause was mental health disorders,” said Sheikh Ngeruko.

Mental health and mental disorders are common health problems among adolescents.

Globally, mental substance use disorders are the leading causes of disability among adolescents, according to mental health studies.

Adolescent mental health issues can have immediate and long-term effects on their health and social well-being. For instance, young persons with poor mental health are more likely to take drugs, drop out of school and engage in risky behaviour.

The Prime Minister also reminded religious leaders of their duty to remind parents, guardians and the entire community to be keen in issuing a warning on all acts that were against, traditions, cultures and ethics.

“You have to remind the people you save on the acts that violate the ethical conduct of our communities,” noted Mr Majaliwa.

The PM also used the platform to implore religious leaders to continue reminding their followers to fully participate in building the country’s economy as well as individual economies.

“We want to see every Tanzanian earning a living without problems because there are several opportunities in almost every sector including agriculture, livestock and fishing, mining and many others,” he said.

He also underscored the need to maintain love, peace and harmony so that Tanzania maintains its status, saying that many persons whose countries were facing unrest were picking Tanzania as their first destination.

Earlier in his remarks, BAKWATA Secretary General, Alhaj Nuhu Mruma said that Tanzanian communities were facing moral decay, advising that it was high time religious studies were taught all the way from the young generation to adulthood.

That is why, he noted, BAKWATA decided to celebrate the day with the theme: ‘Maulid, Ethics and Development’, so as to remind the Muslim community and non Muslims to ensure that ethics were highly maintained in their communities.

Meanwhile, Muslims in the country have been urged to emulate characters and behaviors such as patience, trustworthy, honesty, love to all, and humility practiced by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when teaching and spreading Islam religion.

Addressing the 1445 Maulid (birth-day for Muslims leader Prophet Muhammad), organised by the Office of Mufti of Zanzibar, at the Maisara grounds on Wednesday night, clerics led by Mufti Sheikh Saleh Omar Kaabi said the birth and life of the Prophet teach followers the best way they need to live.

The Mufti’s office Secretary Sheikh Khalid Mfaume said at the colorful celebrations that there was nothing wrong in celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammed, adding that Muslims only need to celebrate along the teachings of Islam.

He said that Prophet Muhammad’s way of life is significant at this time, to shape people in public service and children to adopt characters of honesty, trustworthy, patience, humble and being merciful to people around him, while discarding hate, corruption and avoiding evil deeds. “Let’s all emulate his behaviors.”

Maulid or Mawlid is a Muslim holiday celebrating the birth of Muhammad, occurring on the twelfth day of the month of Rabiʿ al-awwal (on Muslim calendar), and characterised especially by the recitation of panegyric poems honoring Muhammad.

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