Samia to lead Lowassa burial

  • To be laid to rest in Monduli on Saturday
  • State funeral set for Karimjee tomorrow

ARUSHA: THE Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said President Samia Suluhu Hassan is expected to lead the country in the burial ceremony of the former Prime Minister, Mr Edward Lowassa, which will be held in Monduli District, Arusha Region on Saturday.

Earlier, Dr Samia announced five national days of mourning, spanning from February 10th this year in which, she ordered the country’s flag to be flown at halfmast.

Mr Majaliwa explained that within the five national days of mourning, the country will proceed with other public and social development activities, while authorities will keep working closely with members of the family of the departed as indicated in the funeral time table by the National Burial Committee for all arrangements.

Prior to burial ceremony, Mr Majaliwa said the state funeral will be held at Karimjee Ground in Dar es Salam, tomorrow. Furthermore, he said on Wednesday, the body will betaken to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania’s (ELCT) Azania Front Lutheran Cathedral for the holy mass and final respect.

He said on Thursday the body will be flown to Arusha where leaders and citizens will have an opportunity to pay their last respects at the Sheikh Amri Abeid Kaluta Stadium.

The former Premier, Mr Lowassa passed away on Saturday, while undergoing treatment at the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute (JKCI) in Dar es Salaam, according to Vice-President Dr Philip Mpango in a live televised programme by the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC).

Meanwhile, at the residence of fallen former Prime Minister Mr Edward Lowassa in Masaki, Dar es Salaam, the atmosphere is calm as wananchi, relatives, friends, current and former leaders throng to extend their condolences to the bereaved family.

And, indeed for many, their faces clearly exhibit that life has a lot to offer as they think of giving it a meaning to the moment they share with their beloved ones.

It is with no doubt that the memories they share with the former Premier Lowassa will forever bring an impact to many Tanzanians, especially in the education sector, where the late is highly cherished for introducing ward secondary schools.

Through the good work he did to the nation, the family has received a heartfelt gratitude from close friends, relatives, neighbours and government officials as it is the second day of mourning since he passed away.

His good work in ensuring the country has ward secondary schools for a better education to Tanzanians will forever remain as debt to many of those who knew his standing grounds.

Judge Joseph Warioba, a former Prime Minister yesterday at the late’s residence in Masaki said Lowassa was a trusted leader, who brought change in the education sector as he believed that education is for all and no one should miss the opportunity.

He said Lowassa served in the department of ideology and politics at the ruling party CCM during his youthful days, where he was engaged in analysing and preparing documents used in making high-level decisions.

“Despite the difficulties he had experienced he never gave up on basic issues like education and employment to youths,” Judge Warioba said.

He said among the things that the country should learn from Lowassa’s tenure as Prime Minister is the power of making difficult decisions on development issues.

He emphasised that through his leadership, Mr Lowassa helped in setting up a water system for Shinyanga people from Lake Victoria, something which has left a huge mark of his good work to the nation.

Judge Warioba noted that the University of Dodoma was among the entities established during the late Lowassa leadership as the Premier. He added that Lowassa was a leader who had faith with his work by ensuring the government plans were implemented on time.

The Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Albert Chalamila highlighted that there is a lesson to learn from Lowassa, who was a great teacher and taught many on how to become tolerant leaders in political issues. He said he was not that leader who wanted to be praised; he was the leader who aimed at changing Tanzanians’ lives.

“His decision to step down as a Prime Minister showed great political maturity, it is important for every leader to learn that stepping down as a leader is not a sin,” he said. He added that Lowassa has been a teacher and a bridge to the solution of political parties in the country and emphasised peace and political stability

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