Samia tasks TLS, ZLS members to push 4Rs philosophy

TANZANIA : PRESIDENT Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan has appealed to members of the Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) and Zanzibar Law Society (ZLS) to help in rigorous dissemination, interpretation and execution of her 4Rs philosophy among the public for Tanzania’s prosperity.

Roll out of the 4Rs philosophy, which includes Reconciliation, Resiliency, Reforms and Rebuilding; have acted as a necessary tool in addressing contemporary issues affecting the country’s social, political and economic systems.

Dr Samia issued the call during her meeting with TLS and ZLS leadership and a section of the association’s members at the Chamwino State House in Dodoma on Monday.

“I have come up with my 4R’s philosophy, I do not want problems…I want Tanzanians to live peacefully. I need your help in interpreting and implementation of the 4R’s to the public,” said President Samia.

She added: “Tanzania is one…in the present times, there will be no Tanzanian who will succeed in neither dividing nor selling our country because we are one.”

According to her, should the government or political parties bring chaos to the country, Tanzanians will surely hold them accountable.

Thus, she urged TLS and ZLS members to push for the implementation of the 4Rs for peace and order to continue within the country.

“In the entire East Africa today, Tanzania is the only country that has continued to stand firm with investors flocking in as witnessed from the May and June records,” she noted while maintaining that Tanzania was fast growing, cautioning against efforts by a section of citizens wanting to deprive these initiatives to bring the country down.

Earlier, TLS President, Mr Harold Sungusia extended a request to the president to support them in strengthening further cooperation between the public and private sector, specifically in legal matters.

“I am optimistic that with our 11,637 members, out of which 1,797 members are generated from public services, TLS members can play a very crucial role in building the nation,” said Mr Sungusia.

He advocated for collaboration with the government in an array of areas, including issuance of legal services in public institutions and entities like agreements, negotiations, arbitration and many others which require legal attention.

Mr Sungusia stressed that TLS possesses a wider range of expertise in the legal fraternity who can support the government, expressing their association’s readiness to support national building.

Recently, President Samia assured citizens that Tanzania is one and indivisible, expressing her commitment to ensure development of the country is a key priority on the national agenda.

The president disclosed this shortly after arriving in Mwanza for a three-day working visit in June this year, insisting that she will do everything in her powers to make sure Tanzania is neither divided nor for sale.

“Talking here is a Tanzanian woman, I will do everything in my jurisdiction for Tanzania to forge ahead…it’s our development that matters and what is being done is solely for the growth of the country,” said President Samia.

She added: “Globally, there is only one Tanzania. Therefore, we are all responsible for building our country, our key role is to build the country. We must place the country where it deserves in all spheres of the economy.”

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