Samia stresses unity within CCM

CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Chairperson, President Samia Suluhu Hassan, has urged party members to reinforce unity for it to carry out its mandate effectively.

She said that party members who were not elected or re-elected in the intra-party elections should remain united and strong.

Dr Samia emphasised how important it was for them to comprehend that without unity among its members and leaders, CCM cannot effectively carry out its mandate.

President Samia was speaking during the 10th   CCM National Congress that kicked off in Dodoma yesterday.

According to her, the party was a democratic institution whose leadership originates from the citizens themselves, CCM members and followers.

She said thus the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) election was an important example not only of the maturity of democracy, but also of justice, equality, peace and development, which are the pillars of their ideology.

“I thank all those who served the party for the past five years but were not re-elected in this year’s elections, let them know that they should always comply with their duties as outlined in the party constitution,” she said at the CCM’s National Congress in Dodoma, yesterday.

She added,” I am requesting and imploring you to pay close attention to the importance and necessity of maintaining unity and solidarity within the party and its communities,”

CCM conducted intra-party elections for various positions countrywide last month, where some old guards who had served in various capacities resurfaced and clinched positions as regional chairpersons of the party.

In different regions, some of the old faces as former Minister for Energy and Minerals, Mr Naziri Karamagi, were elected as the new Chairman of CCM for Kagera Region.

The other veteran politicians who bounced back into active politics included Mr Adam Kimbisa who has been elected Dodoma Regional CCM Chairman and former Temeke Member of Parliament, Mr Abbas Mtemvu who served between 2005 and 2015 was also as the new Dar es Salaam Regional CCM Chairman, taking over from Kate Kamba.

President Samia congratulated the chairmen, vice-chairmen, and deputies of the CCM communities, as well as all other elected leaders at various levels, saying: “It is my expectation that the party will gain new momentum to move forward with the new spirit that the elected leaders will bring.”

Further, the Chairperson of CCM stated that it is the responsibility of every CCM member who has been nominated by the party to run for the position he/she has applied for, adding that the goal of the intra-party election is not to win a single-party vote but to organize and strengthen oneself in order to win the upcoming local government elections and general elections in 2025.

In the intra-party elections that were held at various levels, she said there were incidents that resulted into the violation of election rules, including senior leaders interfering in the election processes.

“Complaints were processed with due seriousness where in some areas the party cancelled and repeated the elections, candidates who violated the rules were removed and officials, who interfered with the elections were taken stern measures against them,” said she pointed out.

Equally, the Head of state noted that the constitution, laws and regulations of the party must be followed because CCM should be a role model for other parties.

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