Samia sets bar for executives

  • Unveils new performance appraisal approach

DAR ES SALAAM: PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has announced a new strategy for performance appraisal for government executives with key focus to include management of land disputes and improvement in revenue collections.

The president made the remarks yesterday at the State House in Dar es Salaam during the swearing-in ceremony of Songwe Regional Commissioner Daniel Chongolo, Col Patrick Sawala (Mtwara), Paulo Matiko Chacha (Tabora), Anamringi Macha (Shinyanga), Christina Mndeme (Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Office of Vice-President, Union and Environment) and Waziri Kindamba (Director General of UDA Rapid Transit).

Dr Samia noted that assessment of District and Regional Commissioners’ performance has been ongoing since October 2023, stressing the significance of ensuring that their work is in line with both the national development agenda and the ruling party CCM election manifesto.

She said key areas of evaluation would include revenue collections, land dispute management, interest-free loans to women youth and special groups, good relations, access to various rights and services, environmental protection, nutritional interventions, financial literacy to farmers and contract management.

Revenue Collection

President Samia urged councils to identify areas for increased revenue collection, while avoiding oppression of the people while conducting the exercise.

President Samia emphasised the crucial need for effective management to ensure that funds are utilised appropriately for development projects.

She urged government executives to combat corruption and mismanagement, stressing the importance of directing government resources towards citizen development rather than personal gain.

Highlighting statistics from the Ministry of Finance, she noted that while the government’s tax collection stands at 97.7 per cent, other collections, especially within President Office Regional Administration and local Government (PO-RALG), range from 60 to 70 per cent for some councils, with 15 councils falling below 50 per cent.

Furthermore, she announced the government’s commitment to reducing borrowing for social service projects by encouraging increased revenue collection, directing executives to manage revenue collection systems effectively and warning that funds allocated to councils would be adjusted according to their revenue collection performance.

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan swears in newly appointed Songwe Regional Commissioner, Daniel Chongolo at State House in Dar es Salaam, yesterday. (Photo by State House)

Land Disputes

President Samia reiterated the importance of protecting citizens’ rights and effectively managing land conflicts.

She instructed government executives to collaborate closely with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development and local communities to address land-related grievances and ensure fair resolutions.

Addressing concerns about land disputes, she emphasised the need to prevent manipulation of boundaries ahead of local government election, instructing officials to use the electoral map from the previous election as the baseline and to refrain from adding new areas.

LGA interest-free loans

President Samia said the government was currently looking for a better model to manage the funds derived from 10 per cent of councils’ internal revenues for interest-free loans for women, youth and people with special needs.

She emphasised the importance of continued loans repayment and dealing with chronic debtors.

She cautioned against the misuse of funds by councillors, stressing that government money is intended for citizen development and should not be wasted.

She called on Regional Commissioners to ensure proper management of these funds to benefit citizens. Good Relations Dr Samia emphasises the fundamental importance of cultivating good relationships, starting with self-awareness.

Regional and District Commissioners must recognise their roles not only as representatives of the government but also as individuals with responsibility, she said.

President Samia said the leaders were entrusted by the President with a duty that entails both authority and limits.

By understanding their own capacities and the boundaries of their leadership, they can navigate their roles effectively, avoiding actions that compromise their integrity or exceed their mandate.

In addition to self-awareness, she said fostering positive workplace relationships is paramount.

Dr Samia underscores the significance of prioritising national interests over personal gain, particularly in the face of conflicts arising from issues of finance and power.

By promoting a culture of collaboration and cooperation, Commissioners can ensure efficient governance and effective delivery of services to the people they serve.

Access to various rights and services

The Head of State said it was imperative for Regional Commissioners to familiarise themselves with the needs of their regions and oversee the proper execution of projects by District Commissioners.

Delays and mismanagement hinder progress and deprive communities of vital resources. It is essential to address these challenges promptly and transparently to fulfil the government’s commitment to its citizens.

Environmental protection

Dr Samia acknowledges significance of global initiatives like tree planting campaigns and urged Tanzanians to prioritise the cultivation of diverse trees that offer long-term benefits.

By embracing sustainable practices, she said, individuals can contribute to both environmental conservation and economic prosperity.

Nutritional interventions

President Samia emphasised nutritional interventions as a cornerstone of public health and national development.

Dr Samia stresses the importance of promoting balanced diets to cultivate a populace of robust individuals capable of contributing meaningfully to society.

She said investing in nutrition today lays the groundwork for future generations of resilient leaders.

Financial literacy to farmers

Dr Samia underscored the critical importance of financial literacy, especially in regions reliant on cash crops like cashews, sesame, cotton, coffee and peas.

She said the newly appointed leaders should find ways of providing financial educating to farmers so that they can effectively establish financial objectives, strategise for their financial future and adeptly manage their resources.

She said empowering farmers with these capabilities will enable them to navigate daily expenses with prudence, seize entrepreneurial prospects for growth and fortify their resilience against economic uncertainties.

Through targeted education and support, the focus should be to foster a financially savvy agricultural community capable of securing sustainable prosperity for themselves and their families, she said.

Contract Management

Dr Samia emphasises the importance of adherence to procedures when terminating contracts, particularly to avoid costly legal disputes and compensation payments.

She said by following established protocols and exercising prudence, Commissioners can mitigate risks and uphold accountability in government transactions. In addition, President Samia highlighted other critical areas of focus, including promoting good relations among government officials, improving access to services, enhancing environmental conservation efforts, and boosting agricultural productivity.

During the ceremony, President Samia issued specific directives to newly appointed Regional Commissioners, outlining their responsibilities in various regions.

These directives included addressing border challenges, promote economic growth, and manage agricultural production effectively.

Government officials, including Vice President Dr Philip Mpango and Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, reiterated the importance of addressing citizen concerns and promoting teamwork among regional leaders.

They emphasised the need for proactive measures to tackle challenges such as land disputes and ensure effective service delivery to citizens.

PORALG Minister Mohamed Mchengerwa affirmed the government’s commitment to maintaining discipline and accountability within the public service.

He assured that strict actions would be taken against negligent and corrupt officials to uphold integrity and transparency

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