Samia hypes 4Rs philosophy

MARRAKECH: PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has stated that she developed the 4Rs philosophy to maintain peace and stability in Tanzania.

The 4Rs represent Reconciliation, Resilience, Reforms and Rebuilding, and are essential for addressing the current social, political and economic issues in the country.

President Samia made the remarks during the Africa Investment Forum Market Days 2023, organised by the African Development Bank (AfDB) in collaboration with other partners.

She participated in a conversation with other Heads of State on accelerating Africa’s economic transformation. The Market Days event brings together investors, deal sponsors and government ministers from around the world to advance investment transactions. President Samia emphasised Tanzania’s political stability, peace and security as something that others can learn from.

She explained that Tanzania is a democratic country with 17 political parties and elections are the means by which one party is granted permission to govern.

“After the election we all have to sit together and agree on which way we want to develop our country,” stated Dr Samia.

President Samia highlighted the importance of reconciliation, resilience, reforms and rebuilding in this process. She also emphasised that Africa can learn from Tanzania’s focus on infrastructure investment, human capital development and peace and stability.

President Samia has consistently advocated for the dissemination, inter- pretation and implementation of the 4Rs philosophy for Tanzania’s prosperity.

In a meeting with members of the Tanganyika Law Society and Zanzibar Law Society, she requested their assistance in interpreting and implementing the 4Rs philosophy to the public.

For his part, President of Sierra Leone Julius Maada Bio echoed the importance of political stability in Africa to create a conducive environment for the private sector.

He emphasised that political stability is crucial for attracting investments and conducting business. President Bio also highlighted the opportunities for investment in Africa and the potential to transform challenges into opportunities.

He acknowledged the continent’s infrastructure deficit as a hindrance to economic transformation.

Mr Bio further noted that Africa is facing a serious infrastructure deficit and some of these deficits act as bottlenecks hindering the continent’s ability to transform its economy.

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