Samia acknowledges JPM’s  role in shifting to Dodoma

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has acknowledged the role of the fifth phase government under the leadership of the late President John Magufuli for giving a new impetus to the government decision to shift to Dodoma.

The Head of State said on Saturday that the process to shift the country’s capital to Dodoma has taken decades, and all leaders during their phases did their part to ensure the dream is realised.

The shift of the country’s capital from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma was a brain child of Father of the Nation Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere in 1973 who wanted to move the capital to the country’s central location to better serve Tanzanians.

The idea was to be implemented within ten years but it was not feasible due to various factors including financial constraints and economic difficulties.

Speaking during the inauguration of the new State House in Dodoma on Saturday, Dr Samia said that the government decision to shift to Dodoma received a major push during the fifth phase government.

“You will all recall that on July 23, 2016 during the Chama Cha Mapinduzi General Assembly held in Dodoma Dr Magufuli reminded participants about the government decision to shift the country’s capital to Dodoma,” Dr Samia said.

She noted that Dr Magufuli reiterated his government intention to make sure that the decision to shift the country’s capital is realised during the commemoration of Heroes Day on July 25, 2016.

She said thereafter various projects in Dodoma City were implemented at high pace, including the construction of Chamwino State House.

Dr Samia noted that efforts also led to expansion of the area hosting the Chamwino State House from 66 acres to 8,473 acres.

The President further noted that when she took over the reins of the country as President in March 19, 2021, she pledged to execute all the projects left behind by her predecessor, including introducing new ones.

“The construction of Chamwino State House is among the projects which were started by Dr Magufuli, and this is the second project to be completed after the Tanzanite Bridge. I ask our Almighty God to help me so that I can accomplish all of them,” she said.

She added: “In the process of shifting the Capital city to Dodoma Dr Magufuli has written his story. We cannot write the history of this event without acknowledging the contribution of Dr Magufuli. Let us continue praying to our Almighty God for his soul to rest in peace.”

Speaking after being endorsed as Chama Cha Mapinduzi Chairman on July 23, 2016 the late Magufuli pledged to shift the country’s Capital to Dodoma within the five years of his first term as President.

The late President Magufuli was quoted as saying that he saw no reason of not shifting to Dodoma since the area had all important infrastructure including roads, which connected the Capital city with other regions.

“If Dodoma can accommodate all participants of the CCM General Assembly, and the sessions of the Parliament are being held here, I see no reason for me to continue living in Dar es Salaam…once  I shift  to Dodoma my subordinates including  Vice-President,  Prime Minister and other government executives will follow.” Dr Magufuli was quoted as stressing.

A few days after the party’s General Assembly, Dr Magufuli again reiterated his intention to shift to Dodoma.

He said if more than 300 Members of Parliament could live in Dodoma comfortably, with same region hosting CCM headquarters, then he would not fail to shift his government to the central zone region.

“As we commemorate the Heroes Day we should not forget the Father of this nation who had wanted the country’s capital to be in Dodoma … it is impossible for us to go against his aspiration… I want this dream to be realised within five years of my leadership,” Dr Magufuli was quoted as saying during the commemoration of the Heroes Day on July 25, 2016.

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