SA-Tanzania cultural ties see new dawn

THE long existing socio-political ties between Tanzania and South Africa are said to have been the major force behind the growth of the cultural sector in the recent years.

The Tanzanian High Commissioner to South Africa Gaudence Milanzi revealed this through the cultural ministry’s website that cultural sector has been among the big beneficiaries of the enhanced relations.

That was the development revealed during a training conducted to the cultural officials in the South African capital, Pretoria, early this week.

The training was organised by Tanzanian High Commission in South Africa and was attended by employees from the ministry.

“This training tour involved cultural officials from both Tanzania Mainland and the Isles,” said the High Commissioner.

Among the cultural aspects discussed during the training included language, food, and dressing style and fashion.

“I really appreciate the response from  the government and Tanzanians on the cultural development and the commitment of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports to ensure Tanzanians are cultured,” said the High Commissioner.

The good relationship existing between  two countries enabled some members from the ministry to attend the training in their tour in order to share  experience with their South African counterparts in running the ministry’s cultural sector.

On his part, the Head of the delegation, Fatma Rajab said that the two countries need to work together to preserve their cultural heritage for the benefit of the current and future generations.

Additionally, the training was aimed to share knowledge and improve the way of running the African Liberation Heritage Centre so as to preserve, protect and develop the history of the two countries.

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