Rwanda’s Anne Rwigara is Dead

RWANDA: Anne Rwigara, the sister of Diane Rwigara who attempted to contest for president in Rwanda, is dead.

She was 41.

Anne Rwigara, who was a daughter of deceased prominent Rwandan businessman, Assinapol Rwigara, passed away on Thursday in the United States where she lived.

The cause of her death remains unclear.

Anne’s mother was quoted by the media as saying her daughter’s death was a “mystery” since she was not sick.

It is understood that Anne complained of stomach complications before she died a few days later.

Anne and her mother Adeline Rwigara spent a year in jail in Rwanda over alleged tax evasion and electoral malpractices.

In May 2017, Anne’s sister Diane Rwigara announced she would run in the presidential election against President Kagame.

The National Electoral Commission would later stop Diane from participating in the election, ruling that the hundreds of signatures she submitted to validate her candidacy were forged.

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