Ruvu Secondary school alumni to honour Nyerere in style

IN honouring the founding father Julius Nyerere’s legacy in uplifting education, former students of Ruvu Secondary School in Coast Region are set to raise funds for construction of the school’s block fence.

As the country marks Nyerere Day today, the school’s alumni in collaboration with development partners will financially and materially support the construction.

Students who studied since 1977 at the school which was built with aid from the Cuban people under the efforts of Mwalimu, came up with the idea of constructing the fence in commemoration of 23 years since the death of Mwalimu Nyerere. The commemoration is marked on 14 October every year.

The leaders of the group, Ms Veronica Chambuso, Ms Noel Kiunsi and Mr John Kitundu, said they recognise the contribution of Mwalimu Nyerere to the construction of the school, so they are going to honour his contribution by constructing the fence which is now the biggest need of students and teachers at the school.

Mr John Kitundu, secretary of the group said they expect to hand over building materials to the school management on October 22, this year.

They expressed optimism that other former students of the school will offer financial and material support to complete the construction.

“As students who have studied at Ruvu Secondary School, we thought it would be good to honor the father of the nation by giving back to the school through construction of this school’s fence” Mr Kitundu said.

“All former students of the school, wherever you are, we ask for your participation in making this happen, it is voluntary but it means a lot to all of us,” Mr Kitundu added

He beseeched parents of students at the school and other stakeholders to join this mission to achieve the construction of the school fence because it will strengthen safety and protection for school girls.

He said the school used to be a mixed school, but now it is designated only for girls, so it is their responsibility to ensure that our daughters are safe.

Ruvu Secondary School was established by the government in 1977 as an Ordinary Level (Form I to IV), mixed boarding secondary school.

In the 2005, the school was transformed into an advanced-level secondary school for girls only.

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