Russia-Tanzania cultural ties see new dawn

ART plays a crucial role in constructing national identity. It is through art that history is documented and culture is passed down to future generations. Governments across the globe are investing significantly in the arts and culture, recognising their value and importance in distinguishing one nation from another.

Each culture has its unique features and identity that contribute to a country’s distinctiveness. Recognising the value of art in honouring culture, the Russian Embassy took the honour to invite Tanzanians to take part in the global cultural forum that will be held next month in St Petersburg.

The Russian Ambassador to Tanzania, Andrey Avetisyan, conveyed the invitation at the Russian Cultural Centre in Dar es Salaam. He mentioned that the event is scheduled to begin on November 16th and will culminate on November 18th this year. “On November 16th to 18th this year St Petersburg will host a global cultural event – the 9th St Petersburg International Cultural Forum which is called Forum of United Cultures.

He mentioned that officials from ministries dealing with cultural aspects will hold a meeting to discuss surrounding issues in the sector. “In the framework of the forum leading cultural figures and government officials will exchange ideas and discuss tendencies and acute issues of the current cultural environment.

We are looking forward to welcoming a high-level delegation from Tanzania to this important international event.” The main thematic sessions of the forum will be: Knowing history through culture, a discussion on artificial intelligence – is it a threat or a blessing for culture.

The last session will discuss traditional culture as the basis for building a civilised society.

“The discussion will be based on the definition of culture as including not only art and literature but also the way of life, the system of values, traditions and beliefs. “It will be stressed that culture must be recognised as a global public blessing, being one of the most important factors of the national development forming the people’s will for freedom, independence and sovereign choice of development models.” The participants will be invited to build a common international structure to support their national culture and art as well as provide for the development of their wide cultural cooperation.

The forum hopes to create a unique opportunity for an exchange of opinions, and agreements on joint creative initiatives aimed at protecting and popularising the best examples of world cultural heritage and promoting international cultural dialogue based on the principles of mutual respect and understanding.

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