Rukwa receives 60bn/- for construction of roads

RUKWA Regional Commissioner Ms Queen Sendiga says the region has received a 60bn/-from the central government for construction of road infrastructures and other development projects.

Ms Sendiga said this during an exclusive interview with ‘Daily News’ over the weekend here in municipality.

“During the period of two years of President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan leadership the government has endorsed allocation of over 60bn/- for roads construction,” she said.

According to the RC, in this financial year (2022/2023), the region has already received 10.3bn/- for the construction of road infrastructure under the Tanzania National Roads Agency (Tanroads).

Equally she explained that the region administration is extending sincere gratitude to President Samia for the well done job she is doing in the area of infrastructure development construction.

“We have received a lot of money. It’s our responsibility to speak for and congratulate the government. Our region is extending sincere gratitude to President Samia for the great work she is doing especially in the area of infrastructure construction,” added the RC Sendiga.

Sumbawanga Urban Constituency Member of Parliament, Mr Aeish Hilaly, also said Rukwa has received a huge amount of money than ever before for the construction of infrastructures.

In the same event, Mr Hilaly urged Rukwa residents to be vigilant and feel that it was their responsibility to make sure that the infrastructures are well maintained and protected.

“We congratulate the President for the good work she is doing, especially in the construction of infrastructures in Sumbawanga.

In her leadership we have received a lot of money for the construction of infrastructure. It’s our responsibility to maintain and secure infrastructures,” Mr Hilaly said.

On her part, Acting Tanroads Dodoma Regional Engineer Ms Mgeni Mwanga  mentioned various  projects implemented in the region, including the construction of 112-km road at tarmac level spanning from Sumbawanga – Matai – Kasanga port at the cost of 133.2bn/-.

“So far the 112 km road infrastructure has reached to Kasanga Port,” she added.

She explained that the 25-km Matai – Kasesya road construction at the cost of over 37.3bn/- has reached 20 per cent of completion.

“The feasibility study, detailed design and the preparation of tenders for its construction have been done for the construction of Msagama- Namanyere – Katongoro – New Kipili Port at tarmac level” she noted.

In the same vein she explained that the construction of Ntendo – Muze road (part of Ntendo – Kizungu) at the cost of 45.2bn/- has reached 23 per cent of completion.

She further explained that the eagerly awaited major rehabilitation and expansion of Sumbawanga airport in Rukwa region will  start next month at cost of over 55.9bn/-.

The project whose rehabilitation and expansion is scheduled to take 18 months from next month is part of the sixth phase administration bold move to improve infrastructures of different airports in the country.

According to her, the project is constructed at a cost of 55.9bn/- for the next 18 months.

The Chinese contractor, Beijing Construction Engineering Group Ltd is contracted to undertake the project.

“The project is funded jointly through the loan from European Investment Bank (EIB) and the government of Tanzania,” she said.

The much – awaited  project is set to be completed in the next 18 months and will have the capacity to accommodate the Bombardier – 8 Q 400 and ATR 72 and will have the capacity to operate day and night.

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