Rukwa, Katavi accomplish classrooms construction by 100 pc

THE construction works of 310 classrooms in secondary schools at the cost of 6.18bn/- in Rukwa and Katavi regions are reportedly to have been completed by 100 per cent

The classrooms will absorb all 31,310 students selected to join Form One in the two regions when the schools open tomorrow.

The sixth phase administration in October this year allocated some 2.38bn/- for construction of 119 classrooms for secondary schools in all five councils in Katavi Region.

Also the same administration allocated some 3.8bn/- for construction of 191 classrooms for secondary schools in all four councils in Rukwa region.

On her side Katavi Regional Commissioner, Ms Mwanamvua Mrindoko highly commended all leaders and citizens for meeting the set deadline.

She further said Katavi region’s leaders and citizens have demonstrated patriotism on supervision of fund allocated by the central government for construction of quality and standard classroom infrastructures.

“About 5,950 children, among them pupils, who excelled in Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE), will not be left on roadways as all of them have been selected to join Form One in one selection.

So far the construction of the classrooms is expected to address congestion in classrooms “emphasised the RC.

“We have so far witnessed funds disbursed by the central government being utilised well and effectively, this is because we did not allow any loophole leading to project’s funds embezzlement,” stressed Ms Mrindoko.

In Rukwa, the Regional Commissioner, Ms Queen Sendiga also said the construction works of 191 classrooms in secondary schools at the cost of 3.8bn/- in the region have reached 100 per cent of completion.

Equally, RC ordered district commissioners and councils’ directors to ensure all 25,362 pupils who have excelled in Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE), join Form One in the first selection tomorrow.

She said all 25,362 pupils among them boys are 12,106 and girls 13,256 must join Form.

RC hailed project supervisors, including school heads and ward councilors for construction of new classrooms that reflect value for money of the fund spent on the project, as well as meeting deadline and quality as directed by the government.

Rukwa Regional Administrative Secretary, Mr Rashid Mchata also congratulated all heads of schools who managed to meet deadline of the completion of the project.

Meanwhile, Ms Sendiga ordered district commissioners and councils directors to ensure that by February this no any pupil sits on floor due to lack of desks.

Her directive came after learning that some schools in the region were facing shortage of 99,043 desks. The RC issued the directive on Tuesday this week during a media briefing here in the municipality, insisting that it was a big shame for the region to have such shortage.

According to Ms Sendiga, Kalambo District Council is facing a shortage of 54,040 desks, Nkasi 17,667, Sumbawanga 20,623 and Sumbawanga Municipality 6,713.

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