ROYAL TOUR: Tanzania reaps big

TANZANIA has earned multiple benefits from the Royal Tour documentary since its launch in the past one year, including witnessing a surge in revenue amounting to 5.8tri/-by March this year.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism Dr Hassan Abbas said here on Friday that between March 2022 and March 2023 tourism income increased to 5.8tri/- from 3.3tri/- recorded a year before the launch of the documentary.

“This documentary has brought great benefits to our country … there has been significant increase in the number of tourists whereas a total of 1.4 million tourists visited the country between January and December 2022,” he said.

He said the number of tourists recorded is an increase of 57.7 per cent compared to the number of 620,000 tourists who visited the country one year before the launch of the film.

Dr Abbas said that a total of 1.2 billion people around the world are aware of the Tanzania Royal Tour film by watching, hearing or reading, thus promoting the country’s tourism around the world.

“Through Public Broadcast Services, 100 million people  watched the Royal Tour film, five  million people have watched through social media, 20 million through Apple TV and Amazon Network while  50 million  watched through Chinese social networks platforms” he said.

“More than 600 million people got to know the film  through various global interviews conducted by the New York Times, New York Magazine, Essence Magazine and Travel Channel when  President  Samia  launched  the film in the United States and it is estimated that 500 million people have watched or got involved in it through different channels” he added.

He explained that through the film, investment in the private and public sector has also increased where a total of eight contracts (two of private sector and 6 of public sector) worth 11tri/- were signed in the US soon after the launch of the film in 2022.

“After the launch of the film, while the President was still in the US, investment contracts were signed on spot and some of the investors have already arrived in the country to fulfill some of the requirements with the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC),” he said.

“We have recorded 26 tourism projects up from 16 projects that were recorded before the launch of the film,” he added.

Dr Abbas said that within the period of one year the film has also managed to enter the international records and was mentioned in high positions by three international rating companies involved in content rating issues due to the quality of its content.

“The Triple Advisor Company that serves more than 400 tourists per year has given the Tanzania Royal Tour film a score of 5/5, the Amazon Prime/video that deals with video content gave a score of 4/5 and the IMDB Company visited by more than 200 million people per year has given our film a score of 8.8/10,” he said.

He added that in this period, the Tanzanian Royal Tour film has succeeded in becoming the first film to be viewed by many  people as until April 1, this year, it had been shown on 350 TV channels in the US.

“There are nine Royal Tour films in the world. In Africa, Rwanda is the first to produce and we are the second. All eight films that have been introduced have a viewership rate between 60 and 67 per cent, but our Tanzanian Royal Tour film has the highest viewers/ acceptance rate of 81 per cent, it is estimated that approximately two people in each facility in the United States’ big cities  have watched it” he said.

He said that during the period, the number of international flights coming to the country has also increased where in Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) flights have increased from 6,115 flights in 2021 to 7,850 flights in 2022, equivalent to an increase of 28 per cent.

“Qatar airline has had nine flights but now they have 12 flights, KLM had five flights and now they have six, but we also have new airline firm such as Euro Wing Discovery airline that started coming to the country directly from Frunkfurt Germany” he said .

In addition Dr Abbas said that along with the success, the government will continue to implement various projects to promote Tanzania tourism attractions with the aim of achieving the goal of reaching five million tourists per year, accumulating an income of 6 tri/- per year.

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