Rousing reception for Dr Nchimbi

DODOMA: THERE was a grand celebration as Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) members gathered in large numbers to greet the newly appointed Secretary General, Dr Emmanuel Nchimbi, as he arrived at the headquarters in Dodoma yesterday.

Dr Nchimbi arrived at the building, commonly known as the White House, in the country’s capital. He was greeted by a cheering crowd of party members and took to the podium to address the followers of the ruling party.

He urged them to uphold the party’s ideologies, especially as the country approaches the next civic polls.

Speaking after receiving a warm reception, the former ambassador, who recently gained new political fortunes, had a message for his party members.

He emphasised the importance of informing the public that the government’s actions align with the party’s manifesto and ideologies.

Dr Nchimbi stressed that members of any political party are valuable assets in driving the desired developmental changes.

He also highlighted the role of the CCM Chairperson, Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan, in bringing about development for the people.

“Please, engage with members of other political parties and inform them that participating in nation-building is not a sign of weakness, but a moral obligation for all,” said Dr Nchimbi.

The ambitious Secretary General referred to sections of the ruling party’s constitution that outline the role of party members, including active participation in party building and promotion of its activities.

“As we approach the 2024 civic polls and the 2025 General election, all CCM members should continue to talk about the party,” Dr Nchimbi pointed out, confidently asserting that the ruling party will win by a landslide in all elections.

In another development, the SG welcomed members of the opposition Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) who defected to the ruling party.

He took the opportunity to invite other opposition politicians to join CCM, stating that the party is ready to accommodate them in the pursuit of development in the country.

“Engaging with opposition politicians is not a negative thing or a sign of weakness; instead, CCM sees it as an opportunity to involve the opposition in nation-building,” he said.

According to the SG, party ideologies should not divide the country, as Tanzanians only desire development.

He called on all Tanzanians, political parties, development partners, and stakeholders to come together for nation-building.

Dr Nchimbi shared his experiences as the Tanzanian Ambassador to Egypt, where he was in charge of six countries, including Palestine. He emphasised the importance of peace for a nation’s development.

Among those present at the reception event was Dodoma Regional CCM Chairperson, Adam Kimbisa.

In his welcoming speech, Mr Kimbisa expressed confidence that the party had chosen the right person to lead them in the upcoming political climate.

Meanwhile, the party’s Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Paul Makonda, was in Kilimanjaro Region as part of his working tour in different regions.

During his visit to Kilimanjaro, Makonda encouraged citizens to freely express their grievances, as the party’s constitution emphasises.

He stopped at various locations and allowed residents to voice their concerns, calling on responsible government leaders to address them on the spot. This demonstrated to the residents that their government is attentive to their needs.

He urged citizens to value equality, respect, safety, love, and peace in the country. This approach allows the government to continue its plans for development.

Mr Makonda made these statements while speaking at a public rally in Same District, Kilimanjaro region, as part of his official visit.

“For many years since independence, Tanzanians and the government have focused on development activities. This has been possible because we have peace in the country. We must protect the peace we have, regardless of our political ideologies. If we lose our peace, it will affect everyone,” he warned.

He added, “It’s no secret that there are people who live comfortable lives, travel by plane, and conduct successful businesses, but they don’t have peace in their country. Instead, they come here to enjoy the peace we have.”

During the rally, Mr Makonda also urged all those entrusted to serve the people to fulfill their duties so that the people can see the importance of the government they elected.

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