RITA commended for massive registration of children

KIGOMA: MINISTER for Constitution and Legal Affairs, Ambassador Dr Pindi Chana, has been pleased with implementation of the government’s initiative under the sixth phase government to register all children under the age of five and issued with free birth certificates.

“In a special way and on behalf of the government I take this opportunity to congratulate RITA (Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency), stakeholders of registration and recognition, the offices of the heads of all the regions where this programme is implemented for successes,” said Dr Chana.

Inaugurating the programme to register and issue birth certificates to children under the age of five in Kigoma Region where more than 396,182 children are expected to be registered and get birth certificates, Minister Chana asked residents in Kigoma Region to use the opportunity to register their children.

She also thanked development partners for the successful implementation of the plan, including the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Government of Canada, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), TIGO Telecommunication Company and many others for continuing to be part of this key programme.

“A birth certificate is the basic right of every child born in Tanzania regardless of the citizenship of his parents. The government through RITA and various registration and identification stakeholders have established a procedure by which children and their parents are identified,” Ambassador Chana said.

In addition, Dr Chana called upon ward executive officers and health centre staff to work effectively with integrity and patriotism by putting the national interest first.

“Registration is an important element in the security of the country, therefore, the conditions and criteria set must be observed. I also instruct the executives to take care of working tools,” he said.

Initially, explaining to Minister Chana before launching the programme, Administrator General and Chief Executive Officer of RITA, Mr Frank Kanyusi said since the launch of the programme in June 2013, more than 8,646,324 children in 24 regions have been registered and obtained birth certificates.

“This programme has brought improvements along with moving the registration services closer to citizens, the registration service will be offered at health centres that provide mother and child care and at district executive offices,” said Mr. Kanyusi.

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