Restructure curricula to groom more lecturers

The Minister of Education, Science and Technology Prof. Adolf Mkenda has advised universities in the country to restructure their curricula in order to groom more competent lecturers, who would again be admitted to address gaps in the institutions.

Making the revelation in Sengerema district, Mwanza Region, where Ardhi University Campus is expected to be built, he further said that the move is important towards grooming competent lecturers in their professional areas.

Elaborating, he advised the universities to enter into agreements with their foreign counterparts so as to have opportunities also for exchange programmes between lecturers and students, because this would enhance expertise that may be lacking in the country.

“All universities in the world are grooming their lecturers and exchange programmes for further knowledge acquisition, especially in areas they think they have no expertise. Equally, we should not lock ourselves…let us go out into the world to learn and acquire more expertise and knowledge,” said Prof Mkenda.

In a related development, the minister asked universities in the country to improve their working environment by becoming friendlier in order to attract more lecturers from abroad.

He added: “There are people who think patriotism is not giving jobs to foreigners, all universities worldwide hire capable lecturers from anywhere in the world.”

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