Residents in Katavi relieved from seeking health services afar

RESIDENTS of Majimoto Ward in Mpimbwe Council, Katavi Region can now heave a sigh of relief as they will no longer be required to travel long distance in search for health services.

This follows the completion of a new Majimoto Health Centre whose construction is funded by the council’s own funds, amounting to 423.8m/-.

Some 31,845 citizens from Majimoto Ward will benefit from the health facility.

Dwellers from the precinct are grateful to the Mpimbwe Council   for   financing the project, which has guaranteed them healthcare services closer to where they live.

Mlele District Commissioner Mr Filberto Sango officially launched the newly-built Out Patient Department (OPD) at the health facility during the weekend.

Addressing the public rally at the precinct the District Commissioner said the construction of the health facility will indeed relieve citizens from the burden of trekking long distance to access health services.

“The construction of the health facility started on January 19, 2021 and was scheduled to be completed on February 20, this year. The construction involves an OPD, maternity ward, a theatre, laboratory unit, laundry and seven toilet pits” noted the DC.

The DC lauded Mpimbwe Council for initiating the construction of a health facility.

He further said the construction of the health facility will provide health services to hundreds of people at Majimoto Ward and the nearby areas.

A cross section of citizens who were separately interviewed by this newspaper expressed their joy following the completion of the project.

“The health facility will be of great help especially to expectant mothers, who in most cases were forced to make long trek to access healthcare services,” explained Mr Hussein Machiya, a resident of Majimoto Ward.

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