Residents ask for awareness on proper way of sending parcels

It has been a norm that most people use upcountry buses to send their parcels to various destinations as they abscond formal couriers.

According to some residents in Mbeya Region, awareness is still low among them on using formal couriers that have been licensed by the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

Due to the ignorance, residents here have asked the authority to provide education about a formal way of sending their parcels and cargo in order to avoid loss.

Speaking over the weekend during a TCRA’s campaign to encourage a formal way of sending parcels, the residents admitted that they experienced loss of their parcels because of ignorance over procedures to send their parcels through the licensed couriers.

One of the traders in the region, Mr Anangisye Mwakyoma said he usually sends parcels via upcountry buses, admitting that the awareness given by the authority opened up his mind over proper means.

“If I had got this education early I would not have lost my parcel that I sent via an upcountry-bound bus,” stated Ms Kissa Mwaipyana.

Reverend Elibariki Mmari advised TCRA to make it more open about how to identify the licensed couriers so that citizens could make the right choice before sending their parcels.

TCRA’s Highlands Zonal Manager Asajile John told the residents that the authority issues licenses after the service provider has met the required conditions including having permanent office.

The TCRA’s public education in Mbeya was part of the national campaign to motivate citizens to use formal parcel delivery service providers as well as encouraging informal service providers to register with the authority.

Licensing as a regulatory mechanism aims to promote effective competition in supply of services which in turn benefits consumers in terms of tariffs and good quality of services.

In general, postal service means a conventional postal, hybrid postal and courier services.

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