Regulator launches nationwide illicit drugs operation in Tanzania

TANZANIA: The Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA) has initiated a special operation nationwide targeting all illicit drug selling points, pharmacies, and entertainment venues where Shisha is widely available.

DCEA Commissioner Aretas Lyimo announced the operation on Thursday, stating that it would encompass both land and sea areas.

Speaking to journalists, Commissioner Lyimo revealed that recent operations had uncovered widespread cannabis cultivation in Mara and Morogoro regions, with Kilimanjaro and Tanga also showing high instances of drug-related cases.

“The operations will encompass drug farms, border areas, distribution points, and usage sites, including bars. Anyone found using drugs, including Shisha, will face legal consequences,” warned the DCEA Commissioner.

He further stated, “Operations at sea will target beaches and maritime areas.”

Moreover, Commissioner Lyimo emphasized that the operation would address all sellers violating regulations concerning the sale of narcotic drugs.

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