REGROW to stimulate inflow of tourists at Nyerere National Park

MINISTRY of Natural Resources and Tourism has said that projects implemented under the umbrella of Resilient Natural Resource Management for Tourism and Growth (REGROW) in the Southern Circuit will stimulate the inflow of tourists to the Nyerere National Park as soon as they are completed.

The ministry’s Deputy Permanent Secretary, Commissioner Benedict Wakulyamba made the statement when he visited Nyerere National Park and inspected several World Bank, (WB)-funded projects through REGROW.

Twenty-two projects, totaling more than 141bn/-, are being implemented in the southern circuit.

Furthermore, he said that in the ministry’s tourism promotion plan, several visitor information centres are expected to be created and that the projects will boost staff productivity.

“Great progress is being registered through this WB funded project especially in enhancing our natural resources. Even with all of the environmental issues that climate change and human activities have brought about, the REGROW project is starting to restore our water sources by using better water management techniques,” he said.

The deputy commissioner for conservation at the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA), Mr Herman Batiho, asked the management of the ongoing projects in Nyerere National Park to make sure that they were completed on scheduled time and in compliance with international quality standards.

“The tourism sector has received a big boost following the Tanzania Royal Tour documentary, which highlights local attractions. Let’s work to ensure that nothing stands on the way of the projects including the ongoing airport’s renovation,” he said.

Assistant Conservation Commissioner for the Park, Mr Ephraim Mwangomo, said the park is prepared to fulfill its responsibilities, which include contributing to the growth of the local community and keeping tourists safe.

The REGROW project is being implemented through soft loan funds of 150 million US dollars from the World Bank (WB).

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