RC urges residents to give views on new development vision blueprint

KAGERA Regional Commissioner Fatma Mwassa has urged residents to participate fully and give their views on the implementation of the 2050 National Development Vision (NDV).

Equally, she tasked the eight Councils- Muleba, Biharamulo, Bukoba DC, Ngara, Karagwe, Kyerwa, Missenyi and Bukoba MC to pull up their socks and ensure that revenue collections increase.

“The sixth-phase government under President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan is committed to ensuring that individuals from all backgrounds in the country have opportunity to participate in the preparation of the development vision. You have a very important role to play to ensure that this target is met,” she remarked.

RC Mwassa made the remarks recently at the launching of a workshop aimed at educating leaders from organisations, public institutions, corporations and religious leaders, on the development plan.

“Do not hesitate to consider and give views on issues that you think need to be given priority in preparation of the plan, which are for interest to Tanzanians and the nation at large. The annual revenue collections from the eight councils amounted to 1.5bn/-, an amount which is very minimal, forcing the central government to top up from its budgets,” she hinted.

“This exercise is very important as it aims at creating awareness, educating and motivating participation of all stakeholders to give their contributions in the process of preparation for the next National Development Vision,” remarked Ms Mwassa.

Elaborating, she said the step is a continuation of facilitating the concept of broad stakeholders’ engagement before the next exercise of collecting communities’ views at regional level.

Mr Selemani Idrissa, one of the participants, said there was a need for full participation of all groups including people living with disabilities (PLWDs). …” The region (Kagera) has many economic opportunities, which, if well exploited, can boost people’s economic standards,” he said.

Kagera Region shares borders with four EAC nations-Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Kenya across Lake Victoria. It is also a gateway to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Sudan. This is a golden opportunity not to be missed,” he said.

The distance from Bukoba to Kampala, Uganda is 304 kms while the distance from Bukoba to Bujumbura, Burundi is 355 kms. From Bukoba to Kigali, Rwanda the distance is 462 kms while the distance from Bukoba to Juba, South Sudan is 928 kms). The distance from Bukoba – Goma, DRC is 617) while the distance from Bukoba-Dar es Salaam is 1,500 kms.

Private sector should take advantage of a conducive business environment through construction of industries and five-star hotels. They should also invest in other key sectors such as agriculture, health, education and minerals, a key priority of the sixth phase government.

A new development blueprint    seeks to propel Tanzania to upper middle-income status by 2050.

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