RC tells Moshi Council to use technology to maximise collection

THE Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner (RC) Mr Nurdin Babu has advised Moshi Municipal Council (MMC) to introduce an electronic payment system to increase revenue while eliminating fraud.

The RC issued the directive recently during a special meeting of the council to discuss the outcome of the Controller and Auditor General’s (CAG) report for 2021/2022. Moshi Council was awarded an unqualified opinion certificate for the third consecutive year.

“This is the third year you have received an unqualified opinion. You should work hard to maintain the status,” Mr Babu said.

Thus the RC advised MMC to introduce an electronic payment system for revenue collection to maximise the council’s achievements.

Mr Babu said the council should start immediately to work on the issues which were raised by the CAG and provide answers.

Additionally, the RC advised the council to work diligently on ensuring that the special loans issued to the groups—youth, women, and people living with disabilities—are repaid timely to enable others to benefit too from the loans.

“Please councillors monitor the groups that borrowed these funds so that they can repay on time since some are not paying at all,” he said.

He also called upon the council to make follow-ups of the revenue collection and make sure they achieve the 95 per cent of the annual target as per the government directives.

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