RC Chalamila stresses precaution against Covid-19

KAGERA Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Albert Chalamila has urged Kagera residents and all Tanzanians to continue taking precaution measures against Covid -19, including getting vaccinated.

He assured people that, the vaccinations were safe while at the same time boost immunity and combat the development of severe infections across the country.

The RC denounced the few “prophets of doom” who spread unfounded rumours against the vaccinations calling on the people to disregard them appealing to the people to continue taking precaution against Covid-19 pandemic, adding that vaccination is the greatest option.

He appealed to health experts, religious leaders and youths through their groups to raise awareness on preventive measures. Similarly, he reminded people to be watchful against other ailments including HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which are still claiming many lives in the country.

Kagera Region recently received the second batch of 61,901 doses of Sinopharm in response to an increase in number of people seeking life-saving jabs. “I therefore call upon people to go and take the vaccines”, he said.

Mr Chalamila explained that the region launched the vaccination campaign on August 4, last year. “We are happy to announce that the region received the first batch of 45,000 doses of the Johnson and Johnson for Covid-19 and until October 10, 2021   all the 45,000 doses had already been administered,” he said.

The latest available statistics show that at the regional level the vaccination rate in Kagera Region currently stood at 63 per cent while for Bukoba Municipality the vaccination rate stood at 57 per cent.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Tanzania in March 2020 until September 7 this year, a total of 35,747 cases and 808 deaths have been reported

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