RC Babu commends TSN for introducing Business Forums

TANZANIA Standard (Newspapers) Limited (TSN) Company has been commended for coming up with an idea of running business forums (TSN Business Forum) which contributed to growth of economies of the regions in the country.

The recommendations were made recently by the Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Nurdin Babu when adjourning the session of the Kilimanjaro Regional Business Council, which was held in Moshi Town in the region.

“Experience shows that since the introduction of the Business Forum by the TSN, many business opportunities have been created and others strengthened, hence contributing significantly to the economy of the regions,” he pointed out.

In addition, he said, the regional authorities were ready to cooperate with the TSN in ensuring that economic opportunities in the region are identified and utilised properly with the aim of promoting the economic situation of the region.

Equally, Mr Babu urged the business community in the region and the country at large to invest in Kilimanjaro region which has many opportunities.

“In a special way, let me remind you that there are opportunities in the tourism sector, especially those related to hospitality. This is due to the fact that the recent launching of the Royal Tour Tanzania has boosted the number of tourists visiting the country and expected to attract more tourists in the near future,” he noted.

In his presentation to the regional business council, the TSN Business Manager Felix Mushi said the Business Forum was established in 2017 with the aim of connecting business persons to economic opportunities.

“This forum has been very important due to the fact that it has provided great contributions by identifying business opportunities that were completely unknown, and in the same time connecting various business persons from within and outside the country to use those opportunities for the growth of the national economy,” he said.

Elaborating, he said the company was seeking to collaborate with the Kilimanjaro Regional Secretariat to create a technical team that would involve officials of the secretariat and those from the TSN to come up with plans that would later on improve the economic well-being of Kilimanjaro Region.

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