PURA set to unveil 24 oil, gas blocks for investment

MOROGORO:THE Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority (PURA) has announced plans to unveil 24 oil and natural gas blocks for investment following extensive exploration on land and sea areas to identify potential energy reservoirs.

Engineer Charles Sangweni, PURA Director General, made this announcement on Saturday during the inauguration of the Second General Meeting of the Workers’ Council held in Morogoro.

According to Eng Sangweni, the investment plan comprises 10 onshore blocks and 14 offshore blocks. The authority is currently in the process of selecting a consultant to establish boundaries and markers in the designated areas to be announced.

“We anticipate the official commencement of this work in sixth month. However, before that, we will participate in international meetings and conferences related to oil and gas issues to engage with potential investors. By early 2025, we aim to finalise official contracts with interested parties,” said Eng Sangweni.

PURA’s Director General emphasised that ongoing exploration and previous studies indicate that over 50 per cent of the country exhibits indicators of oil and natural gas.

Given the similarities in geological symptoms observed in Uganda and Kenya, particularly in the Turkana region and the Rift Valley, PURA aims to expedite its research efforts.

Eng Sangweni highlighted that the government, through PURA, has decided to allocate areas displaying symptoms of oil and gas in the Manyara, Tabora, and Singida regions. These areas will be handed over to the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) for further exploration.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Athuman Mbuttuka, urged PURA to properly and diligently manage the allocation of oil and gas blocks. He emphasised the importance of adhering to the law and providing adequate training to employees involved in the exploration process to ensure the government maximises its revenue.

“The distribution should comply with the law and include comprehensive training for employees. This will enable them to understand their responsibilities and effectively implement the goals assigned by the government,” Mbuttuka stated.

Henry Mkunda, Secretary General of the Tanzania Confederation of Trade Unions (TUCTA), commended PURA for fulfilling the legal requirement of holding Workers’ Council meetings twice a year.

Mr Mkunda urged employees to work diligently, maintain professionalism and avoid dishonest practices to ensure the institution’s progress while fostering positive relations between management and employees.

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