Pundits hail new team, peg hope of efficacy

PUNDITS have hailed President Samia Suluhu Hassan latest reshuffle of the government executives, saying it is another testimony that she is committed to ensure improved service delivery to the people.

They also lauded the president for continuing to provide positions for the youth in the government, saying the move is aimed at attaining the government’s visions of having a succession plan for future leaders.

On Sunday, President Samia made major realignment of various government leaders, including Minister, Deputy Ministers, Permanent and Deputy Permanent Secretaries in her continued move to restructure and strengthen the government.

In the shakeup announced last Sunday, President Samia appointed one minister, one deputy minister while re-allocating other deputy ministers, nine Permanent Secretaries (PSs) and 11 Deputy Permanent Secretaries.

The Head of State also appointed two new Regional Commissioners (RCs) and Mr Ramadhani Kailima as the Director of Election at the National Electoral Commission (NEC). All the appointed executives took oath of office at the Chamwino State House in Dodoma, yesterday.

“President Samia has assessed and definitely opted to have the best team which would help her attain her leadership vision.

She is convinced with her picks and we all believe that appointed leaders will deliver to the best of the president’s expectations,” said Dr Faraja Kristomus, a lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM).

He added that President Samia led government is working to implement the country Vision 2025,  the ruling party CCM 2020-2025 election manifesto and the Third National Five-Year Development Plan (FYDP III) of 2021/22 – 2025/26, hence she needed a strong and committed team that would help the government to attain its targets.

“Implementation of all these targets needs the president to have supportive leaders in the areas of teamwork. It is therefore, imperative for the appointed leaders to work hard and fulfill the responsibilities that they have been entrusted with,” he said.

He also said that the country needs a crop of young, skillful, creative, energetic and capable leaders, who are also ethically and morally right to attain the development goals.

A Dar es Salaam based consultant Mr Buberwa Kaiza, said the latest reshuffle by President Samia reaffirms her walking her talk as she hinted after being re-elected as the Chairperson of the ruling party CCM during the 10th National Congress in December last year  to offer her leadership for the next five years.

“Remember the president had promised that she would make reshuffle to get the best group that would help her to efficiently implement the party’s 2020-2025 manifesto. This is what she is implementing and everyone should support her initiatives.

“The president highly expects her appointees to deliver by considering professionalism, trust and highest degree of responsibility. It is important that they implement her directives, the CCM manifesto, and Third National Five-Year Development Plan (FYDP III),” he said.

During the CCM National Congress last December, President Samia underscored the need for reshuffle within her government saying: “I am requesting for your blessings to reshuffle my government because I have noted with concern that some persons have failed to cope with the speed I want.”

She sounded a strong warning to all leaders, including District and Regional Commissioners who would fail to implement the party manifesto, insisting that should party leaders from their respective areas complain about their performance, she would not hesitate to sack them.

Mr Kaiza said that the decision of appointing new youthful leaders, especially 11 deputy Permanent Secretaries signified that President Samia is preparing a better succession plan for future leaders.


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