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DODOMA: PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has launched key digital systems for improving operations in the public service, whilst insisting that every public institution must have a solid plan and strategies for the use of the structures.

Representing President Samia Suluhu Hassan at the climax of Public Service Week celebrations and Digital Systems launch in Dodoma, on Sunday, Mr Majaliwa called on senior executives and civil servants to ensure that they prepare short and long-term plans and strategies on how to use digital systems to improve the provision of public services.

The launched Digital Accountability and Performance Management Systems in public service include e-WATUMISHI, (PEPMIS, PIPMIS), e- MREJESHO and Human Resources Assessment (HRA).

“I know that these systems are new and will put pressure on underperforming employees, therefore it needs inspiration to ensure that they are fully used. Underperforming people do not have the opportunity to prevent the systems from being used in your institutions” Mr Majaliwa pointed out.

He further said that the plans should be clear with measurable goals and take into account the needs of the people and the demands of government policies.

The Premier directed every public institution to strengthen the management and operation of the systems at the levels, especially by setting up a management and leadership team that will ensure that the digital structures are efficiently and fully used.

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“Executives in public institutions should ensure that there is clear responsibility and sufficient authority concerning the performance and maintenance of those systems,” he said.

The PM also instructed all public institutions to ensure the security of the data and information so that they remain safe, adding that they contain a lot of sensitive information, noting: “It is important to consider the security of their information and systems to avoid privacy violations and cybercrimes.”

Moreover, he said that it is important to mobilise and educate employees on the importance of the systems, to improve public services and achieve goals within the government.

He also insisted that every public institution should set up systems for monitoring and evaluating the performance of digital systems, including monitoring performance indicators, reporting progress to senior leaders and making adjustments according to the needs of the time.

Similarly, the Premier said that expectation of the citizens is to see public servants becoming responsible and have effective performance through PEPMIS and PIPMIS, adding that if the systems are used properly, they will identify good and underperforming servants.

The CCM election manifesto (2020-2025) directs the government to ensure that science, technology and innovations are fully used in running sectors to develop the economy to achieve a middle-income status economy that is competitive and inclusive.

The manifesto also directs the development of an online government that focuses on the security of government systems and information and empowers public servants to serve the public.

The 3rd Five-Year National Development Plan (FYDP-III) has defined the issue of developing the knowledge and ability of science, technology and creativity to increase the country’s competitiveness in various economic spheres.

According to Mr Majaliwa, due to the effective implementation of various policies and strategies for the use of the Internet through the e-Government Agency (eGA), the eGA has become the leader of the government’s efforts toward digital transformation.

“All leaders and employees are responsible for ensuring that the digital systems that have been launched are used fully and bring positive changes in the provision of services to the public”, he insisted.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister reminded the citizens to participate in the local government elections in November this year by voting and taking the leadership candidacy form.

He also urged citizens to support Dr Samia’s clean cooking energy campaign by stopping using dirty energy to protect the country’s environment.

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