Public servants who misuse projects funds warned

CIVIL servants who misuse funds for projects aimed at reducing people’s nagging challenges in Tanga Region have been warned to brace for paying the price of their deeds soon.

The warning was given by Chama cha Mapinduzi(CCM), Tanga Regional Chairman, Abdulrahman Abdallah, who said the party cannot allow the projects to be sabotaged by a few workers who are desperate to benefit themselves.

“All those who siphon the money for the project should be prepared to vomit. We have not come to the party to stop the government from serving the people,’ he said..

He said President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan and her government have brought a lot of money to implement social service projects to address peoples’ challenges such as the construction of health facilities.

Mr Abdallah expressed his surprise that there were areas whose health centre construction projects spent only 500m/ to their completion have been completed, but some districts like Muheza where the same amount of funds have been used but the projects are incomplete.

” Those who ate the money should be prepared to vomit them, “said the chairman.

Commenting on the youth, he asked the jobless young people to form economic groups and register them so that they could benefit

from the local government loans when the window is reopened.

The chairman donated 2 motorcycles for one group of youths in Kigombe village.

Muheza MP, Hamis Mwinjuma (MwanaFA) said that the government is planning to end the water shortage in Kigombe County.

He explained that the government has donated 1.3bn/ for implementing massive water project that will serve the residents of the ward except Mtiti area.

Elaborating on Mtiti village, he said the government has provided 100m/ for the drilling of wells but there was also a plan to connect the residents with water service from Tanga.

He also stated that the government has given 262m/ for the purchase of modern boats for the fishing group in the Kigombe area.

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