‘PSSN programme a catalyst to economic growth’

TASAF Executive Director Ladislaus Mwamanga said the Production Social Safety Net (PSSN) programme has contributed to poverty alleviation in many aspects for years.

Mr Mwamanga pointed out that the achievement was a result of support the programme has been receiving from the government and development partner.

He made statement over the weekend during a visit of Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The team, which visited to see how the TASAF transformed the people’s lives, was impressed by how beneficiaries were engaged in income-generating activities.

Mr Mwamanga said some 1.35 million households with six million people are registered in the programme and engaged in several projects.

He said the aim of the PSSN is to empower poor households to increase income and have access to social services such as food, education and health, among others.

Members of the network visited to Ikomboringa village in Chamwino district, Dodoma region.

They were moved by how TASAF beneficiaries have managed to use a meager amount of money to meet their daily needs.

The network’s chairperson, British politician and Member of Parliament for Birmingham Hodge Hill, Liam Byrne, said other countries could learn from Tanzania’s lesson on transforming lives of the poor.

He said the PSSN programme in Tanzania is key initiative, terming it as a world class approach that can be replicated anywhere to improve people’s livelihood.

He explained that the network provides a platform for parliamentarians from over 140 countries to advocate for increased accountability and transparency in international financial institutions and multilateral development financing.

Since 2000, the network engages legislators to address development and macroeconomic challenges among other topics, in their home countries and abroad.

Directed by a Board elected by their peers, the Network is an independent, non-governmental organisation with a secretariat in Paris.

Membership is free and open to all elected parliamentarians.

“It is on this ground that we have decided to visit this village to see in person the implementation of a programme supported by the World Bank, among other donors,” said the British MP, Byrne, who is also a former minister for Finance in the UK.

Chairperson of the Network’s Tanzania Chapter, Ms Neema Lugangira, said; “We are pleased to be here to witness the good work the government is doing with support from the donors.”

The Special Seats MP also applauded the Chamwino district council officials for effectively overseeing the projects under the programme.

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