Provide loans to miners, Minister Mavunde calls

GEITA: MINERALS Minister Mr Anthony Mavunde has challenged the GF Trucks & Equipment Ltd to continue extending its scope in serving miners, saying the latter is capable of taking equipment from the company on loans and repaying on time.

Minister Mavunde made the remark on Tuesday when officially launched a new office for the company in Geita Region, which is the home of vibrant mining activities.

“Let me ask you to continue extending the scope, miners are honest and they have big capacity of taking equipment on loan and paying back without problem,” Mr Mavunde stated.

He commended the company for opening the office in Geita and seeing the importance of enhancing the mining sector, especially by providing equipment to miners.

The company has opened a new office at the Geita regional gold market and handed over three trucks bought by the miners at the ongoing Geita Mining & Technology Exhibition.

Mr Mavunde said the office will help facilitate mining activities, a move that may attract more Tanzanians to participate in the activities.

“I congratulate you for your decision to bring services closer to miners,” he stated, adding that this year the region has been tasked to collect 243bn/- to contribute to the government coffers.

Company’s Marketing Director Mr Salman Karmali said they have planned to reach out to more Tanzanians in all zones. It has a plan to open a new office in Lake Zone which would serve mining stakeholders and dealers to get services.

Mr Karmali noted that the company’s move to expand was a result of the Sixth-Phase Government which has put in place good climate for investors.

“In line with this, the company targets to produce 1,500 big trucks at its assembling plant located in Kibaha, Coast Region. The trucks which have been handed over today are also locally assembled,” he pointed out.

During the exhibition, the GF also signed contract with the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) for supplying machines and trucks.

Through this agreement, the company will be supplying equipment and trucks to large and small-scale miners under supervision of the STAMICO.

STAMICO’s Managing Director Dr. Venance Mwasse said among the agreed things were to bring services closer to the miners.

“We have agreed to provide equipment loan or sell to miners. Mining sector requires big capital for huge investment,” Dr Mwasse stated.

On her part, Ms Efrosina Mwanja, said they collaborate with the company in loaning equipment and trucks to miners.

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