Proper compensation plan on horizon

THE government has begun working on a proper plan to compensate people who pave the way for road construction projects across the country.

Deputy Minister for Works, Engineer Godfrey Kasekenya, stated that once completed, the plan will be presented for discussion as the compensation challenges have reoccurred.

He was responding to a supplementary question from Nsimbo MP Anna Lupembe, who wanted to know government’s plan to resolve compensation issue by paying people before leaving the construction areas of various road projects.

In response, he stated that the government will provide accurate information about the compensation procedure that will be implemented because roads throughout the country have been widened.

He also informed the House that the issue of compensation, particularly for 7.5 metres, has been raised frequently.

“This is in accordance with the law enacted in 2007 to increase the width of the road, which states that the width will be increased from 45 metres to 60 metres to ensure that we have a large road reserve for other uses,” he said

Eng Kasekenya assured all MPs who face compensation challenges in their constituencies that the government will devise a good procedure for compensating citizens who pave the way for road construction projects.

In her basic question, Ms Lupembe wanted to know when the Sitalike Ward residents who paved the way for the construction of the road from Sitalike to Mpanda Hotel would be compensated.

Eng Kasekenya responded by stating that the residents of Sitalike Ward to Mpanda Hotel seeking compensation are those who live in the area where the width of the road reserve has been increased from 22.5 to 30 metres.

“The government continues to seek funds to compensate these residents,” he explained.

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