Promote forestation, institutions urged

UBUNGO District Commissioner, Mr Hashimu Komba has asked public and private institutions to promote forestation.

DC Komba stated this during the launching ceremony of the tree campaign dubbed “My Tree, My Tanzania’ which took place in the District Council whereby 5,000 trees will be planted in various areas of the district.

“I am asking other stakeholders to emulate these good initiatives which have been done by Fanikiwa Microfinance Company Limited, Platinum Credit Ltd and its partner Non-Governmental Organisation known as Human Dignity and Environmental Care Foundation (HUDEFO) in supporting trees planting campaign whereby 5000 trees will be distributed and planted in the area this week,” he said on Tuesday.

He further noted that human being depends much on environmental conservation so more efforts should be done to ensure environmental activities including planting more trees take place so as to avoid desert and unreliable rainfall.

At the same time the ruling CCM Chairperson of Ubungo District Council, Mr Rogati Mbowe, asked donors to consider supporting tree planting in public institutions in the District such as in public schools, health centres.

“Today I am glad participating in this historical event which took place in our area,” he explained.

According to Platinum Credit representative, Denis Kato, they were keen to support government efforts in supporting development activities.

HUDEFO Executive Director Sarah Pima said the planting trees and environmental conservation activities are sustainable.

“Activities for protecting environment is our priority so we want to ensure that the environment is sustainable for our benefits and next generation,” she stated.

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