Project to empower economically school dropout girls

THE Creativity for Rural Empowerment and Sustainable Development (CRESD) has launched a helpful project to economically empower the young girls who have experienced early pregnancies and consequently dropped out of schools in marginalised communities of Morogoro region.

Being executed in two districts of Mvomero and Gairo, the timely community-based initiative aims to empower a total of 2,000 ‘young mothers’ in the two districts through assisting them to venture into poultry projects.

Among others, the core vision behind the project is to have the incorporated beneficiaries improve their livelihoods so as to stand a better side to cater for their basic needs, as well as taking good care and preparing a bright future for their children.

As part of implementing the project fruitfully, CRESD has entered into a working contract with the Dodoma-based Tusumuke Entrepreneurship Youth Group (TEYG) for building of modern, but cost- effective chicken coops.

TEYG Chairperson, Mr Christopher Dioniz, said as per the entered contract, his side will be responsible to construct 10 chicken coops through use of woods and burnt bricks.

“As per the project’s implementation mode, the beneficiaries will be in special groups, each with at least 20 members,” he informed.

Giving further details, Mr Dioniz said that after finalising with construction of the coops, the beneficiaries will be effectively trained on recommended methods pertaining to poultry, before beeng supplied with free chickens, each group getting 150 chicken layers on free-basis.

“After being supplied with the said chicken layers, the groups will be under the vigilant mentorship of poultry experts for a period of at least six months in order to fetch enough knowledge to handle their projects maturely,” he noted.

Together with that, he communicated that the focus of the project was further to enable each of the beneficiary members to stand a chance to engage on their own similar project in the future.

“The project, among others, is specific for supplementing efforts being taken by the government to help eradicate poverty across rural communities, especially by supporting the deprived young girls in marginalised societies,” he insisted.

The villages in the two districts in which the project is implemented, include Ibuti, Tabu Hoteli, Mkalama, Mandera and Mogohigwa in Gairo districts, whereby in Mvomero districts the villages are Kidundwe, Komtonga, Kisala, Madizini and Runke.

CRESD is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which focuses to support rural communities in livelihood improvement and sustainable natural resources management. Its intervention majors on rural community empowerment entails providing the technical capacities required and mean to overcome rural challenges.

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