Project enhances climate change resilience in Kongwa District

FOUNDATION for Energy, Climate and Environment (FECE) advisory committee acknowledged that the first phase of the climate change project in Kongwa district has managed to bring climate change resilience to the area.

The committee chairman, Mr Stephen Mariki, further expressed satisfaction over implementation of the first phase during the past two years.

A total of 400,000 US dollars (about 933m/-) has been spent on the completed first phase of the four-year project.

To attain the project’s objective of building capacity among farmers and breeders to deal with climate change, the committee urged effective involvement of experts in the management of project to increase productivity.

Committee member Mr Juma Selemani argued that the expert’s engagement in the project would make the project successful.

On his side, Kongwa council chairman, Mr White Zuberi Mwanzalila, thanked the members of the committee for visiting the project.

Mr White called on the managers of the project to ensure the project complies with government standards.

Initially, the committee visited various projects implemented in the two wards of Ugogoni and Mtanana, where the members observed and gave their advice and suggestions.

Among the projects visited was the construction of dips and livestock drinking water dams, water infrastructure, tree development, as well as an irrigation scheme.

Musa Mkatalo, a teacher of Mtanana Primary School, said a total of 1000 cashew seedlings were received in early March as part of the project.

The seedlings have been planted by students but due to a challenge of water scarcity some of the seedlings dried up.

However, the headmaster of Ndalibo Primary School, Mr Nyanje Nyanje, said the existence of a demonstration irrigation project has been helpful for students and citizens who use it for learning modern practices, a move which will help reduce malnutrition challenge.

The project committee is made up of members from the FECE Organization, the Council, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Livestock, RUWASA, TFS Kongwa, NEMC and DUWASA.

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