Prof Nagu stresses emphasis on science subjects

THE Chief Medical Officer, Professor Tumaini Nagu has urged students to pursue science subjects to enable the country increase the number of experts in science-related professions to improve services.

Prof Nagu made the plea in Dar es Salaam on Thursday when gracing a ceremony to award best students in science subjects.

The ceremony, organised by the Government Chemist Laboratory Authority (GCLA), was meant to award students who excelled in the science subjects during the Form IV and Form VI national examinations held in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Every year the GCLA awards best students in physics, chemistry and biology.

But Prof Nagu challenged the authority to include mathematics subject, arguing that it was impossible to perform well in physics, chemistry and biology without being competent in mathematics.

She urged students to be cautious and take preventive measures against HIV/Aids.

“Focus on education and avoid engaging in risky behaviours,” she urged.

On her part, Chairperson of the GCLA Board of Directors, Prof Esther Hellen Jason said the authority will continue to establish more zonal offices in a bid to bring its services closer to people.

She said the country needs science-related professionals in order to fight diseases and protect people’s health, develop industries, agriculture, livestock and environment.

Earlier on, Dr Fidelice Mafumiko, the Chief Government Chemist, congratulated best performers in physics, chemistry and biology in the Form IV and Form VI exams held in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Dr Mafumiko stated that the government’s efforts and motivation for making girls to love science subjects have contributed to good performance in those subjects.

He cited other steps taken including recruiting more science teachers and scrapping fee in primary and secondary education as well as investing in infrastructures for learning, including laboratories and classrooms.

“Introduction of Samia scholarship for first year undergraduate students who excelled in science subjects in Form VI national exams, with a view to encourage students study science-related professions is also another factor,” he said.

Dr Mafumiko further noted that the GCLA has continued awarding female and male students who performed well in national exams, with the aim of motivating them to love those subjects.

The GCLA started giving the awards in 2007 during which it started with only one subject of chemistry until 2015 when biology and Physics were also included. Since started, a total of 348 students and 42 teachers have been awarded.

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