Prof Bisanda touts distance learning for convenience, flexibility

VICE-CHANCELLOR of the Open University of Tanzania (OUT), Prof Elifas Bisanda has called on Tanzanians to take advantage of distance learning programmes for they are less expensive and more flexible.

He said at the 2nd exhibition of the National Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NACTVET) in Arusha over the weekend that distance learning education programmes offered by Open University of Tanzania provide opportunities for Tanzanians to pursue their dream career because they give students the flexibility to study on the schedule that fits their lives at more affordable rates.

“The perception that when you are old you cannot get chance to pursue higher education is now outdated. We, the Open University of Tanzania offer opportunity to people of all ages while they continue with their daily activities,” Prof Bisanda assured.

He explained that what is considered for enrolment into the university is just completion of required conditions for joining higher education.

At the exhibition, some beneficiaries of the education provision approach of the OUT, admitted that the system was inclusive.

One of them, a 55-year-old Felix Ringo who is student of the Foundation Programme at the OUT, said despite his old age and having many duties to handle still he managed to enrol into the university and was looking forward to going far at his age.

“With my age I couldn’t be able to develop myself through a system of attending classes physically, but I have got an opportunity through the Open University of Tanzania,” Mr Ringo stated.

Commenting, OUT’s marketing and communication director, Dr Mohamed Maguo, elaborated that the main objective of establishment of the OUT was to develop academically the civil servants and those who had missed out higher education because of not being able to stay in classroom.

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