Prisons assure fans to host Yanga in Mbeya

TANZANIA Prisons have assured the team’s fans in Mbeya that their Premier League match against Young Africans will be staged at Sokoine Stadium in Mbeya and not at Mandela Stadium in Sumbawanga.

There were rumours that Tanzania Prisons intended to host Yanga in Sumbawanga, Rukwa a move the fans felt would deny them an opportunity to watch their team playing against the already champions, Yanga.

The club’s management has refuted the rumours saying they will host Yanga in Mbeya and went on to say the match to be staged at Mandela Stadium in Sumbawanga is their penultimate match with KMC.

Both Prisons and KMC are threatened to be demoted to the play-off stage if they don’t get good results in their final two games.

Tanzania Prisons’ information officer, Jackson Mwafulango said their match with Yanga will be their last match of the 2022/23  season and insisted it will be staged here at Sokoine Stadium.

Elaborating, Mwafulango said their penultimate match with KMC will be staged at Nelson Mandela on June 6th this year before hosting Yanga on June 9th this year.

“We would like to urge our fans here in Mbeya and elsewhere to come to Sokoine Stadium to watch their players against Yanga since it is going to be a good and highly entertaining match,” he said.

Yanga, who are champions, will play their last two Premier League games in Mbeya against Mbeya City and later Tanzania Prisons.

As both teams face play-off stage, beating Yanga is their utmost goal as they need to remain in the top flight league.

Tanzania Prisons are placed 8th with 34 points while Mbeya City occupy the 12th place with 30 points.

In another development, the management has warned players not to engage in the street football matches popularly known as Ndondo Cup while the league is still going on.

However, the management didn’t say if they can still play after the climax of the league.

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