Priest urges parents to be role models to children

DAR ES SALAAM: REVEREND Canon of Anglican Cathedral of the Diocese of Dar es Salaam, Jacob Kahemele, has called upon parents to be the role models to their children to emulate good behaviours.

Rev Canon Kahemele made the call on Sunday during the celebration of the Family Day held at Saint Alban’s Cathedral in Dar es Salaam, saying children are the future leaders, hence need good upbringing.

He said, the key role of parenting has become difficult in recent years since more parents lack time to spend with their children because they are busy with income-generating activities.

“Parents and guardians should fulfill their responsibilities by providing good education to their children that will enable them to become good people whom the society can rely on,” he said.

He said that due to various responsibilities such as distance to work, families are separated.

“But that still isn’t enough reason for parents not to fulfill their responsibilities. It is time for them to continue to cooperate and raise their children accordingly,” he argued.

Canon Kahemela said some families fall apart only because each parent feels she or he can live without a spouse.

Canon Kahemela noted that childcare not only provides a safe environment for children but also fosters early childhood development and educational opportunities.

He said that for parents who live together, it is better they live in love and peace so that they can be good role models for the children as it helps children become good adults.

As children develop, they need guidance on an increasingly complex array of issues.

He said by demonstrating moral and ethical behaviour, parents can also impart values which can counter the negative influences children may come across with from their peers or media.

On other hand he instructed other religious leaders to offer appropriate teachings to their believers to continue strengthening morals in the society.

“Religious leaders should stop using God’s altar to discuss agendas that are not divine. Let’s not fall into the traps that are just advocated by the activists,” he said.

He said that religious leaders should use the pulpit to teach morals so that the society can know the God and not discuss agendas that are not of use in church nor to the government.

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