Presidential motivation here to stay

President Samia Suluhu Hassan has pressed Young Africans and Simba to continue scoring more goals as money is still enough, insisting winning games in the CAF Interclub competitions places the country’s football on a world map.

The Head of State made the remarks on Sunday at Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam when addressing the public in an event organised by the Union of Women of Tanzania (UWT) to congratulate her for two years in service.

“I congratulate Simba and Yanga for making good use of this opportunity of my offer to award five million for every goal they score.

For those who made jokes that I was directing Msigwa to conclude the match quickly, for I have run out of money, I want to assure you that Mama still has the money, so I urge our envoys to keep scoring more goals.

Scoring many goals and winning games builds our country’s name on the world map of football. So please score more goals, as the money is still there.”

Since President Samia promised to award 5m/- for each goal the two big clubs score in CAF interclub games, they have so far claimed 75m/- cash prize.

Yanga have pocketed 30m/- after scoring six goals in four matches. They scored three against TP Mazembe and three against Bamako.

Simba have banked 45m/- after netting nine goals in five matches. They scored seven against Horoya AC and two goals against Vipers SC.

“They have used the opportunity very well, as Yanga have snatched 30m/- and Simba on Saturday took 35m/- just after pocketing 10 million/- in previous matches.

“I congratulate Yanga and Simba for making good use of the opportunity I gave them; I will keep awarding them five million for each goal they score.”

President Samia further insisted she is incredibly honoured to see success in the sports sector as the development of our country includes development in sports.

She also hailed the Ministry and its officials for ensuring the sector prospers.

“The development of our country includes development in sports. Within these two years, we have been able to uplift the sports sector’s status quo to a great extent.

“This is due to the government’s importance in supporting youth, sports, artists, traditions and cultural activities.

“We have witnessed significant progress, so I congratulate the Ministry and its executives, my dear children of Young Africans and Simba SC.”

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