President Samia irked by swindlers

MTWARA: President Samia Suluhu Hassan has decried the mismanagement of public funds in Mtwara region saying some officials have failed to discharge their duties diligently.

Addressing residents at Majaliwa grounds in Tandahimba District, Mtwara Region on Saturday, the Head of State said she was disappointed to learn that funds disbursed for the execution of various development projects and provision of services to wananchi weren’t well spent accordingly.

The President instructed the Mtwara Regional Commissioner, Ahmed Abbas, to meet with regional, district leaders and councilors and fix the problem.

“We disburse a lot of money not because the Government has a lot…No. It’s because we have decided to serve the citizens and solve problems facing them. Sit, check where the problem is and correct yourselves,” she said.

“How come that disbursed funds reach the council and get swindled? And why should it get misused? Where are the councilors? Where are the political committees? Where are the district commissioners? Why should money be misused? But where is the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in this district? Their job is to prevent and fight, not to wait and fight, but prevent the misuse of funds and corruption. I don’t understand why the situation has reached this point?” the Head of State queried.

On the other hand, President Samia emphasized on the government’s goal to empower farmers to produce more for betterment of themselves and the country at large.

To fulfill this, the President ordered cooperative union leaders and councilors to ensure that farmers get inputs in abundance to improve their undertakings.

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