Prepare quality local content, stakeholders told

MINISTER for Information, Communication and Information Technology, Nape Nnauye has called on stakeholders of production and distribution of local content, to set strategies that will help the country to produce and prepare quality content.

Mr Nape noted this in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, during the meeting that brought together various stakeholders.

The meeting sought to promote the preparations and distributions of the best local content that will enable the country to compete in the global market.

Elaborating, he added that it is an indisputable fact that advancement in Information and Communication, Technology (ICT), as well as in broadcasting industry, has taken the country to another world whose content has no limits.

“Technology does not recognise our self-imposed limits since at the moment, you can receive any content from the world as long as you have a device to receive it,” he said.

Mr Nape said large international companies have been competing to produce and distribute children’s plays, cartoons and comedies.

He added: “Therefore, as a country, we are supposed to produce our local content to attract our children and teach them to be patriotic.

“It is our duty to use the existing technology to ensure that we enter the world of competition and globalisation that will be able to attract Tanzanian viewers to be able to promote culture.

Equally, Mr Nape advised the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), to prepare an award for the best local content producer, adding: “The authority should set regulations that will govern individual content producers, to enable them to sell their work in the foreign market.”

Initially, the TCRA Content Committee Chairman, Mr Habi Gunze identified some of the challenges in content production such as lack of capital, and lack of training for designers.

Another challenge is that there is not enough time allocated for local content. He said 68 per cent of the content, especially foreign dramas, have been showing romantic content.

On his part, the TCRA Director General, Dr Bakari Jabiri said that the work plan of authority focuses on promoting local content and the digital economy.

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