Premiership sponsor’s brightens Dar Derby

PREMIER League’s main sponsor NBC Bank added excitement to the Dar es Salaam Derby between Simba and Young Africans by enabling its customers and stakeholders to be part of the epic battle that in the end saw the hosts Simba handed a 5-1 blitz.

The bank also organized various football-related events for its customers and fans across different areas in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza regions to further ramp up the excitement.

The major match also served as the perfect opportunity to officially launch the “Soka Limeitika” campaign to promote and celebrate success and excellence in football through the bank’s sponsorship of the league. The campaign aims to further enhance and support the development of football in Tanzania.

At a significant event held at the Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam hotel, the Managing Director of the bank, Theobald Sabi, led a short luncheon for some of the bank’s major customers and other stakeholders. This was followed by a special convoy to Benjamin Mkapa Stadium to witness the match.

During the event, Sabi emphasized the importance of coming together to celebrate the beloved game with important stakeholders.

In regards to the ‘Soka Limeitika’ campaign, NBC Bank’s Marketing Manager, Alina Kimaryo, highlighted its purpose and the accomplishments it seeks to celebrate. She emphasized that aside from promoting the love for the sport, the campaign aims to recognize the achievements made through NBC Bank’s sponsorship of the league, which is gaining recognition both in Africa and globally.

“Since our investment in this league, NBC Bank and football stakeholders have witnessed numerous accomplishments that we can be proud of. One notable achievement is the overall improvement in the quality of our national and international league.’’

“Currently, our league ranks 5th in terms of African standards, a significant ascent from the 12th  position when we first began our sponsorship. As a result of our support, clubs participating in the league now have stronger financial stability, allowing matches to be scheduled without the burden of financial constraints,” she elaborated.

Kimaryo also highlighted other accomplishments facilitated by NBC Bank’s sponsorship, such as providing health insurance coverage for players, their families, and coaching staff. Additionally, the bank has offered ongoing bus loans to various clubs involved in the league, updated stadium infrastructures, sponsored the NBC Championship and Youth League, and improved the ticket sales process through the bank’s agents located throughout the country.

“It is evident that our sponsorship has directly contributed to increased revenues for clubs. This has enabled clubs to attract talented players, both domestically and internationally, and perform exceptionally in domestic and international competitions. The current excitement surrounding the sport can be attributed to NBC’s sponsorship, and that is the true essence of ‘Soka Limeitika’,” Kimaryo concluded.

Overall, NBC Bank’s celebration of the Dar es Salaam Derby with their customers and stakeholders demonstrated their unwavering commitment and support for the development of football in Tanzania.

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